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Online persona vs. real life persona


Yeah my wife studied in Scotland so I’ve been there quite a lot. Never had any issues understanding them, but seeing it spelled out is a whole other thing :smiley:

Beautiful place by the way!


I’ll have to find a pic of her. You have to see it to believe it…1/2 Basset Hound 1/2 Terrier. She had sawed off shotgun legs and a big chest and the outside was all Terrier with curly hair. Black with tan eyebrows, beard, paws and belly. The Terrier was a nutjob but the Basset Hound slept in and didn’t wake you at 5am. She was a funny gal and a sweetheart…I still miss her. What kind was your Jazzy?


I bet. I’ve always wanted to go there.


Spot on @muth
Yes, Scotland is a very beautiful country and one I am very proud of.
Our mother tongue can be quite hard to navigate for visitors as there are many regional dialects to contend with but the biggest problem is the speed at which we talk! LOL
I had many happy years living and working in England where I really had to be conceous and slow my speech down and drop the slang. Not very easy to do especially if you have had a wee dram! LOL
It took me a while to actually realise that certain words were not English at all?
For example ’ a piece’
We would say a piece and jam or a piece and sausage.
A piece is basically a sandwich, or butty in certain parts in England.
Or how about, ’ my oxters’
In other words, ’ my armpits’
I could go on but basically it’s like another language altogether! LOL


Awe!! She sounds so adorable :heavy_heart_exclamation: I can’t wait to see her. I love it when dogs have eyebrows, it gives them so much character. She sounds so unique! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a basset hound terrier mix before :grin: My Jazzy was a 2.5 lb Chihuahua. She was white with grey spots. I took her everywhere with me. I’d carry her either in my jacket or a knit hat. When is call her Jazzy girl she’d jump around and do little spins.


Most definitely SM!


I’m not looking to be considered black, white, American, male, young, old, or any of that. I’m just a vaper. And no offense to the rest of you, but you’re all fellow vapers here, first and foremost (and really only).


I like the way you think :slight_smile:


Hi, my names John, I’m an Albanian male with a taste for pina coladas and enjoy strong perfume, I like walks on the beach early evening, watching the moon from a strangers backyard and the way blood glistens.


And my attention caught the difference in dialects. I had a friend on another forum who was from Scotland. The closest I ever got to being in Scotland or being Scottish was when my former boss asked me to play the bass drum in his pipe band out on Martha’s Vineyard one 4th of July. His usual player couldn’t make it so I subbed for him. It wasnae an easy feat fur a wee lassie loch me!


Yo scarin’ me bro :scream:


This is still going on? I thought it was over after that glistening blood comment.


I think he mercilessly murdered everyone from someones back yard whilst drinking Pina Coladas and then fell asleep on a beach…or something…I mean it keeps him off the streets I guess…


I am mainly tamed down on here. I try to be bubbly as possible, because that’s just my nature. I don’t lie. I try not to be mean to anybody because there’s no point to it. I do feel the need to contain myself sometimes as my vocabulary can get colorful, and I can be a nutball. If y’all knew the range of silliness, or my nonsensical nature, I’m sure I might get a few WTFs. :smiley:


yeeeah I’m not too good with the whole ‘containing’ …:rofl: :roll_eyes:


She sounds like a little love love :heart: I’ll have to take a picture of a picture, if you know what I mean. I don’t have anything digital of her. I’d love to see yout Jazzy, too :smile:


@Silhouette Nutballs are the spice of life !!!




“Baaked bueans rurh auwshum, duhkeen dowwneets is dah gratest tink since ya know, lik slaacied bru-red. The Yaankeys sahuck, Eyum frum Bowwston!”

My first day in Boston, things overhead in the city.

Dialect makes everything more interesting, but I cant you know… read dialect, but doesn’t matter if your friends are one race or etc, ELR is “peaceful”. I don’t know if i’m more myself here or elsewhere, I’m usually guarded at other places, the whole EGO/attitude “I’m on ELR, I can’t have an attitude here”… there’s never been a real need to have it here, who wants to get on here and say “what can I do to be a troll today?” lmao, keyboard warriors that type in all caps and get snippy, eh… Go hit a random page on wiki and cool off or go watch a bottle of juice steep or something, not enough time in the day to be angry over the internet.


Have you met @Joel


fun trolls are fun, but the “go out of my way to ruin days” trolls aren’t