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Online persona vs. real life persona


I’d prefer not to have to deal with other folks egos, attitudes, melt-downs or hissy fits. The one thing I appreciate here is that folks respect each other here, or well, at least keep it classy and civil.


@Pro_Vapes (Not Session, my bad),
In the absence of ELR, where do you go and for what purpose?

I got to the LEDI site to see what my oversea counterparts are making

Reddit for clone requests to keep it fresh, (rarely for flavor reviews), not too much for the conversation though, they usually uh… gravtitate towards crowdsurfing certain folks or Charlie-Juliet-ing folks there.

Underground vaping, ECF I use for time traveling for flavor notes, plus its like reading old manufscripts of the DIY giants back in that day. :confused: Like the jedi texts that have since been burned, mixers that have departed ways with the force. I can only appreciate and be humble for the legends we still have with us today, and be happy for the new legends that are made in our meta today.

JuiceDB is a good resource I use for flavor profile reviews, sometimes those mystery flavors… (like the literaly Mystery Flavor) … “This inticing profile is a mix of fruit, blended with a cold hot menthol cinnamon spice smooth harshy aftertaste that’s sweet but not sweet” and has a picture of tobacco leaves.


More than likely my diy forum experience just might end. It’s hard to contribute when no one wants to hear what you have to say. I wasn’t able to fit in on any of those sites for some reason.


@Pro_Vapes You’re not alone. I was on ECF for quite a while, but only in a niche area for a vendor I used to by from.


I’ve experienced something similar on another forum where the member said he was dying, then died and his wife took over. Turned out to be an attention getting scheme and possibly money from Go Fund Me for his funeral expenses. I did know that he had a pill problem. He finally “came back to life” to apologize and wanted to know if we could forgive him. That didn’t go over well since we actually lost a member who was dear to us and it was heartbreaking. His wife came on briefly to share some things with us and thank us for our support. After that, she was gone.

Just like RL, there are people you can or cannot trust.

Personally, I think I’m nicer online 'cause you can’t hear the decibels of my voice!


I actually didn’t know till just now but it doesn’t matter to me what color a person is @Pro_Vapes Black, brown, white, purple, yellow ect as long as u treat me with kindness and respect who cares what color a person is, right! I’m actually half Native American :heart: I lived my life in a city who always guessed me, as Italian and I never totally understood why ppl would always ask what race I was. What does it matter?? I finally moved up back to my roots where most of my fellow Native Americans and family live and wow!! I’ve never felt more accepted in my whole life!! Funny thing is that I’m half white and the white side never accepted us, and the Native side did, with open arms :two_hearts:. Yep I’m getting too serious now lol!! Now u guys know something about me that most ppl never hear :grin::grin:½


Where is Ken, btw? He was one of the first members to help me out. If it’s something personal, that’s okay, I don’t need to know but it would be nice to know if he was returning.


I’m guessing he needed a break. Maybe he’ll return as with some others that’s so dearly missed.


i am in sales and i have to change my personality with different customers , with older people im softer spoken and watch what i say , with contractors i speak like we do on the sites which is everything goes lol , younger couples i usually find a common ground and bullshit with them but its still me ive just learned to adapt to the customers personalities


Agree. Just hope he’s okay. I’ve had experiences with missing members in the past that had us calling coroners’ offices. Just my own fears at work.


nah, I’m a nerd at home, not at work. lmao and I mean, tcg player and comic book reading nerd lmao


Pretty much the same in real life, although I do tread carefully for fear of upsetting or offending anyone?
Much the same as when I am in mixed company in the real world.


In real life my wife and I are dedicated to friends in service, loyalty and support.
We live with the principles of the 12 steps programs in striving for humility and personal growth.
In forums of all types I am the real person with the same desire to relate with like minded folks.
I think the best persona is an individual with a sincere desire to be of service, support to stay smoke free and get the best of the vaping experience. Past that its the desire to be informative and experienced without the off putting expert attitude and domination of the topic, group and personal interaction. The very best people try to encourage others to blossom and take a sincere interest in them and avoid getting the ego stroked.
I am aware of the trap to live online and neglect the real world and remember what’s really important.
As always I’m at your service!


Unfortunately in the past debacle of turning so many into experts and such, kind and humble people got hammered down and outcast by dominate egos. That really hurts when you genuinely want to be of service.


I’m a blender. At work, I’m one way, at home another in social settings, yet another. Online, I adjust to where I am. What you all see of me here is 90% vape enthusiast. If I go to other forums, I try to keep my personality geared towards that subject. I’m pretty good at reading people and will adjust accordingly. I also love messing with people so that requires a lot of adjusting too. I am not a “what you see is what you get” type of guy. More of a “you’re such an asshole, but I love you” type.


My family from the Seattle area goes back for many generations in the circles of the Northwest tribes.
My great x 4 grandfather was Ezra Meeker from Puyallup and was instrumental in advocacy and support for the many tribes of the region. He was very respected by the Chiefs and apon his death and the service to honor him there were 4 chiefs that came to pay respects in a very unusual occasion.
Everyone needs to watch Billy Jack and understand also the war crimes of the US government and the settlers who oppressed the People.
The most incredible experience of my life besides some family events and marriage was the invitation to a Potlatch and see the tradition of the tribes competing to outgive each other.
I really miss the community and rich culture not present in the Chicago area.
Wishing you the very best and blessings.Craig


That’s awesome! I’m up here now and I’m able to go back over 100 yrs with my family here and wow there are some amazing stories!! One of my Great Uncles was a Code Talker :heart:
I think what is so great is that even tho the govt. Tried to wipe us out we not only survived but also thrived and became a very profitable business! I’ve never met a kinder more loving and caring tight knit group of ppl anywhere!
I’m right in the middle up here between about 4 different tribes.

Another great movie is Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee.


Yay another one I share certain aspects with, that some people don’t understand quite frankly.

I’ve never tried to be someone else, but if I had my online experience in general would have been better lol.

I met my husband in 2005 we played a online game together. “Dated” for two years before even meeting each other, but spend 16 hrs a day on Skype/phone calls etc.

We are now married for 10 years and I wouldn’t change anything about the way we met. Every time we tell that story, even too family we get these looks. Its uncomfortable but it is what it is.

I normally don’t “hang” on online platforms anymore, because people always get offended, trolling others or being plain nasty. I avoid it as much as I can.

However I started over on VU before I came here, read for months before even posting or creating accounts. I love it over there but, and please nobody get it wrong, I don’t feel like a part of the community.

I constantly have to explain myself or watch what I’m saying, so that x, y and z don’t get offended. I tried making friends but yeah…maybe I’m just anti social lol.

Here on elr its much more friendly and welcoming, you can have actual discussions with people that are not offended by a different opinion. You don’t have people constantly questioning you because the youtubers they watch doesn’t mention anything I am describing etc.

I know this thread wasn’t about that but I really wanted to say this because it matters at the end. If a for um or online community in general is very “cold” I can see why many jump and pretend to be someone else. I never did but I can see why it would make sense.


@eStorm Welcome to ELR !!!


Lol not what I meant but than you :wink: