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Online persona vs. real life persona


This sounds like the mind set of one fine nurse.


was the online game… world of Warcraft?


Nope I’ve always hated WoW, I know not going to make friends with that one lol. We were playing tfc, cs, call of duty, battlefield. These kind of games, not much of a mmopg person.


@eStorm Funny you should mention that, I ran a large PC Gaming Clan for years, and we played those, and others. It WAS a great way to meet people.


I’m happy to meet you and Jazzy Girl and am familiar with what the settlers did. Most of my knowledge has come from what I have read until I met a member of the Crow Tribe and a classmate from the Cherokee. It was only then that my book reading became a living experience.


I have a friend from the Crow Reservation. She is here in the Boston area now. Are you anywhere near one of those areas? She is also my favorite local artist.


So what about the online “Gaming Persona”? that’s like a whole different realm. I met some super cool people back in the Day that were friends for years (before Facebook), but it’s super easy to lose touch …move and get a new ISP/email and poof (before GMail). I knew several couples that met in-game and later hooked up IRL and still played together.

My Gaming persona is a wee bit NBK …I’m a most-hated expert in long range weapons. Ohh back in the Day …I’m Going In II (IGI2) multiplayer, sweet sweet sniping when you had to run for 5 minutes to the mountains on the other side of a map and find a nice big bush to crawl under with your scoped .50 …and my new “high speed” cable connection (128K!) …good times good times


I didn’t know they made a movie. I read the book and it broke my heart.


One of my all time favorite movies.


This quote touches me. I don’t know what to say accept, I am sorry.


I’m really an alien…


@Daven!!!.. I really want to thank you for creating this thread. ELR has been through some dramatic changes over the last few months and you offered an opportunity for some to bare their true self. I thank you for pushing me to my truth. I’ve really enjoyed reading this thread… (3 times) and learning more about the people here that I interact with on a daily basis… Thank you all for contributing!


I’m myself online, perhaps a bit more reserved than normal.

If someone wanted to pose as something other than themselves then forums would be a very good place to do it. If someone tells me something about themselves online I generally believe it. I don’t know why someone would be deceptive in such a way but I’m sure it happens.


I personally don’t want to deceive anyone, but the guy that I am normally won’t be accepted here. As someone mentioned earlier, you sometimes have to adjust to your surroundings. I actually like Pro_Vapes and I find myself interjecting his persona into my daily life,


Do you say that because of the colour of your skin? Sad to hear it, if that’s the case.


Nope not at all. But my use of slang/ebonics would be too confusing for some here. Also my frankness would definitely offend some.


C’mon what do you really want to say to me :rofl: Don’t hold back.


I really kick da real on da daily. Most times when O’m wit my boys, shits jus difrent from here. So to git in I dumb down (or smarten up) so I ain’t no outsida.


Yeah, O.K. I get what you’re saying. You definitely have to dumb that down for me to understand it.

Everyone here communicates in English, regardless of their native tongue. It sounds like you can speak two languages, good for you.

Your a good guy here, I’d be very surprised if you are anything else at home.


Sounds just like the area that I live. I have already problems with English, don’t make me grab the dictionary. I can’t even understand my neighbors :rofl:

Fun aside, I can understand if you want too “hide” that part, not that I think people wouldn’t accept you around here, but somewhere else as you mentioned prior might just put you in the stereotypical box.

However I hope you don’t have to force yourself “acting” like that, just too be accepted. Because that’s even more stressful, if that makes any sense.