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Online persona vs. real life persona


Not really, I did well in school, So it’s really enjoyable to communicate with folks here and be understood. The hard part is speaking correctly around those that don’t get it. Thus come GREG and Pro_Vapes. I’m happy with it.


Do your offline mates know about Pro_Vapes > the famous online mixing legend?


Not a fucking clue! They do like some of my mixes.

EDIT: Mixing legend is kind of a reach, but I can hold my own.


Dey pop a cap in yo ass for it :rofl: You really do lead two lives. I guess this lead us to ethics and whether having a different online persona is a problem. In this case I’d say definately not because its beneficial for you and all of the DIY community.

I was intrigued, and you’ve explained things beautifully. I hope you didn’t mind my prying.

Ooh so modest.


It’s all good. It really help in a good way of getting to know who you’re dealing with online if things get a bit sideways.


You’re a cool person Coop… you make me feel comfortable talking to you… Thank for prying!


Thanks mate, love your work.


I have a hard time reading or watching movies on the subject because it is heartbreaking. I would go so far to say it traumatizes me as a spectator/witness. I have a relative who lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and witnessed firsthand how the white people (tourists and residents) look right through the Wampanoag as if they didn’t exist. I perceived this as a deep seated guilt that they bury in the sand. Others are maybe just callous. Settlers went to the island I think around the 1600s and spread disease in various ways including small pox which wiped out a significant portion of the Wampanoag population. They also let their hogs defecate in clam beds, spreading bacteria and destroying a food source for the Wampanoag. I hate to say this but they were a filthy people with deluded beliefs about life. Not to say there weren’t some with good hearts and intentions.

I didn’t realize I would start a rant on the subject but some things get me going. A part of me thinks that this country won’t be “right” again until it’s indigenous people become more involved in it’s leadership. Rant over.


I’m actually in Northern WI


That’s really nice to say :heart:


I think you’d be accepted, slang or not, eh i’m sure we could figure it out


It makes me sad that you don’t think your everyday “normal” guy wouldn’t be accepted here. If that is truly the case then I would feel uncomfortable being here. On the other hand, if you enjoy your online persona here then I’m happy, too.


Yeah, she told me she’s from Montana. I’m not very good at visualizing some parts of this country and how the states connect like puzzle pieces. Being a coastal gal, I have a hard time with the central parts :roll_eyes: Didn’t do well in geography class either.


Have u heard the Dillenger stories? I believe he was up here after the bank robberies in the city. He was dating a Menominee lady. I’m in that area of the world. Rumor has it, that he has a buried stash of money in Menominee somewhere.
Don’t feel bad My Mom moved us around so much that I missed the geography lessons! Not one of my strengths either


the johnny depp john delinnger story was really good


Yeah that was awesome! Kinda bad he robbed banks but who doesn’t like a true story gangster flick :grinning:


That would actually bring some color to the forum (no pun intended). I certainly wouldn’t mind it. Not everybody has to walk in a nice suit, talk standard brushed off English in a politically correct way. It becomes monotonous pretty quickly.

People (in general) should embrace diversity a little more, stop judging people for their differences and not stay in their little protected corner of the world. There’s so much outside of it to learn and appreciate.
I’m happy to see that most (if not all) people here are open-minded and think the same way about it.


I know, right?

Me too, Dan the Man that is, ( I like pro vapes too ) Sometimes my real life persona wants to jump in. I have written whole paragraphs that I had to delete. The real difference between my RLP and my OLP is that I am more of an a$$ hat in real life.


Don’t be to sure about that. Whenever I hang out with my girl, I am constantly asking, " what does that mean ". They tease the shit out of me, but it’s fun. Not only that, and correct me if I’m wrong @Pro_Vapes but the slang or ebonics is like a living cell, it’s always changing and evolving. Also, it’s different in different cities.


i admit, I’ve had paragraphs ive had to hit the delete on too, I think we are all guilty of that

i say, lets give @Pro_Vapes a dry run of letting his inner self out

Pro, hows your day?