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Online persona vs. real life persona


Pardon my vintage.


Right, my moves were up and down the east coast.

Is anyone trying to locate Dillinger’s stash? That would be an exciting venture, the kind of life I wouldn’t mind having, lol. I’ll be all google fu on that one:wink:


We appreciate you here. I love your recipes. Ive learned so much from you. I finally pulled the trigger on MF Dark chocolate . Now just waiting on the long steep.I hope it tastes as good as it smells Thank you


Sho u right… or in other words, that is true.


Dittos @cooper1 and @Pro_Vapes


So it looks like that thread that got me thinking about this was removed.


Absolutely to thy own self be true ! I am the same way online as in person…I may use my hands more talk a bit more slang on occasion and I have a southern accent that isn’t portrayed since we don’t speak but type to one another !


I am soooo close to be able to visit the Lounge


Never in doubt brother :wink:


Generally speaking, you get more of a sense of who the real person is online, because like has already been said, some people struggle face to face, yet hiding behind a screen means they can say what they really think without the fear of being looked down upon, you can have a lot more confidence online so I say yes…you can get to know someone online, and you can get to know someone without meeting them…it’s not a new idea, it’s been going on for centuries via ‘pen pals’…the problems arise when the confidence you can gain from being behind a screen offers people with a particular ‘outlook’ on life an outlet to be a dick, and talk down to people, maybe because they are not accepted in the outside world, or ridiculed because they are little different…they see an opportunity to treat people how they wish they could treat people face to face…or ‘trolls’ as they are affectionately named.
I’ve met some people on here and other places online that I would consider real friends, I feel I know them well enough to believe they would be who they portray to be online, and I would even go as far as to say that some of the best people I have never met are online, the Degens for example, I communicate with that bunch of reprobates more than people I have known all my life…if that’s not knowing someone, I don’t know what is, and I class them as some of my best friends.
Apart from @TheTinMan of course…because he really is a dick.


This is really a great thread. Everyone’s posts have brought out a little insight and I’ve come to realize that who I am here, is who I’d like to be more of out there. I’m pretty calm here. No panic, no frustration, no worries - an overall sense of community and learning… It’s pretty awesome.


Have you lost your marbles? And I am just as witty and funny as I am here. :smiley:


I’ve got one left but I can’t make it work. Maybe needs new batteries…


Batteries aren’t included.


Damn. This is why men need to read the friggin’ manuals!


It would also help to know what the remaining marble is, boulder, steely, catseye.?


Cat’s eye. Always save the cat’s eye for last.


Fun facts about me: I can lift a horse over my head, I digest corn, I’ve never cried, my stools are in the shape of question marks and I almost always tip when I pump my own gas.


I would have saved the Bumble Bee for last. But that’s just me.


I haven’t heard of anyone trying to locate it here. Also if they did it would have to be a tribal person b’cuz not just anyone can go scouting around that area. I was just telling my hubby we should and venture out to find it!! He said he can show me where Dillenger stayed!! I’ll snap some photos and post them for u here. I have to wait for the snow to melt so probably another week or so.