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Online persona vs. real life persona


Why would anyone want to admit to that?? Jw? I try n stay away from them in them in real life why the heck would u wanna be friends with dick? Yea yea I know I’m being in ur face a little but hey it’s all about being honest rite? I guess I’m the kind of person who hates beatin around the bush and gets straight to the point :)))


I bet you have a dog named Jazzy


I do lol…well I did but she passed away now :((. I try n stay away from dicks tho lol…well except for one…lol. Ok I had a few drinks of that cinnamon whiskey today…so excuse me for being so blunt with the statements today :slight_smile:


Nice edit, it was the whiskey talking. :wink:


Lol I think it is cuz I’m not normally that daring! It’s called Fireball, cinnamon whiskey. It brings out my inner bit*h. Lol. Makes me laugh alot and takes pain away. Oh it makes my juice taste better too!


I saw a post on FB yesterday where you cut up a pineapple into wedges and pour Fireball over it, then eat the pineapple.


Oooh that’s sounds great!!! And I love pineapple too. I have to try this out for sure💖


you know I was joking right…:thinking:


Everyone is different, but my wife has found some compelling reasons.


I thought you were serious. I totes flagged that shit. Calling me a dick! Rude!!! :joy::rofl::joy:


Shear coincidence? I had a dog named Jazzy and she’s gone, too. She taught me how to love. RIP my friend.


Thx, I’d love that. Uh oh, I just got a sidebar message saying I’ve replied too many times to you. I’m being controlled by software. Oh no you di’ent.


These occasional love circles at ELR are so wonderful. I could float away on my happy bubble. I do like the real world ones better though. Hold hands and tell our innermost feelings. Kinda like an all you can eat buffet with a wide selection.


What’s stopping you?


I know i figured that :smiley: that’s why i had to respond :)))
That’s another thing about me, if i have a few drinks i like messing with ppl. I was joking too sorry if i was too serious…dam cinnamon whiskey earlier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh wow! That is the same with mine :revolving_hearts: She was so sweet n lovable. What kind of dog was yours?
Hopefully the snow will be gone this weekend and i can go there. I believe it’s an old broken brick bldg but it’s pretty awesome knowing that’s where he hid out!


Well I hope I’m counted among your non-black friends. We’ll see though. I have Very Berry Melon freshly mixed so in 3 weeks or so I’ll let you know if you’re still my friend! :laughing: Nah, I can tell it’s gonna be amazing!


Good point regarding dialect/slang etc…
That’s something I actually didn’t think about?
Or as I would say in real life,
’ Ah cannah believe that ah dinae think o that masel?
Whit a dunderheid ah can be at times!’


I’m starting to get the point too :slight_smile:
It’s one thing hearing it, another to (try to) read it. Without the intonation it’s a bit weird.

Good thing there are Scottish slang translators hehe


I’m pretty sure he said, “I can’t believe that I didn’t think of that myself. What an idiot I can be at times.” Teehee, you’ll have to confirm that with @Chewy