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OOO flavors


OOO site has one recommendation at 3% for the Red Square
I do all my testers at 3% and adjust in my mixes based on that initial sampler.


They actually have a whole PDF dedicated to recommended percentages, but these apply (presumably) to food. Sometimes it can differ when it comes to e-liquid. Do you actually have the red square flavor?

Take a look, I wish every manufacturer of flavoring had this:


I got the Happy Rancher Watermelon but it didn’t make me happy, it is really perfumey and all around sucks. Not sure about the other happy rancher flavors.

They do make a good Sweet and tart candy flavor, that one I can recommend.


LMAO ‘but it didn’t make me happy’, this is killin me right now, IDK why. I will have to let you know if I had any luck with the others. Watermelon is actually the only one I did NOT get (acetoin), so that is good to know.



Ingredient %
Bacon (OOO) 2
Barbecue (OOO) 0.25
Clove (TPA) 0.5
Corn Bread (OOO) 7
Split Peas (DIY) 8

Flavor total: 17.75%

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Another Corn Bread Special



Ingredient %
Cream Blend 1 (OOO) 1
Cream Milky Undertone (PG) (OOO) 1
Irish Cream (OOO) 1
Pancake (OOO) 6
Parmesan Cheese (OOO) 2
Strawberry (Fresh) (OOO) 2
Strawberry Fruit (OOO) 2
Strawberry Sweet (OOO) 2
Sweet Cream (OOO) 1

Flavor total: 18%

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Ingredient %
Blueberry (OOO) 4
Blueberry Fruit (OOO) 3
Cream Blend 2 (OOO) 0.75
Cream Bouquet (OOO) 0.5
Cream Milky Undertone (VG) (OOO) 1
Pancake (OOO) 6
Parmesan Cheese (OOO) 2
Sweet Cream (OOO) 1

Flavor total: 18.25%

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OOO Speckled Flakes is my favorite, so yummy, weak but yummy. So Bob, I have been kind of playing with this idea of wanting to make a Prosciutto/Maple/Fig flavor combo, and you seem to be able to pull off the more interesting flavor combinations. I wanted to get your opinion on whether you think it would be doable, or if it would be horrible. Your opinion would help bunches before I try doing it.


I’d go for it. If it flops your only out a few cents worth of flavoring and if it succeeds you’ve got a winner.
Should get the basics down. I know Flavor Art has a couple of actual Ham offerings that might be more suitable for the Prosciutto flavor but you won’t know till you try.
Don’t be put off by Bacon (OOO) as it’s potent as hell at first mixing but it does tone down after about the second week and at the end of a month it’s mellowed into a very nice full and well rounded taste with everything from the fat to the crispy burned bits as well. It’s the later part that may not be quite suitable for your target.


I feel like you should have your very own thread - Bob’s Savoury Vapings :+1::smiley:


I think that is an awesome idea !!! @Bob_Bitchen you should def make a savory thread I have a few savory juices but nothing like yours. More fruit and root based.


I made my very first OOO purchase (I still blame Walt for posting that sale and free bottles for breaking my flavor freeze) and the only savory I got was the pretzel. But, I concur. I’m kind of intrigued with the whole savory thing. My gut reaction to savories is “Ew gross!” but the more I think about it, I think I might like some.

I wound up getting:
Raspberry (free bottle)
Banana (Ripe)
Sugar Butter Cookie
Cream (Milky Undertone) PG
White Tea
Milk Tea

I’m trying not to get my hopes up with the teas, cuz it seems like I’m usually disappointed. I’m trying to find a replacement for TPA’s Ripe Banana cuz that stuff is so caustic it freaks me out to vape it. Fingers crossed and I’ll report back once I get a chance to test these.


I want to honestly try to get a salt cured ham type flavor, of course it couldn’t be an all day thing, but would be fun to try.



I know it exists but I only have found it on the home site. Not one I find stocked anyplace state side so it, the Tuna, and Salmon remain on my wish list along with the Asparagus and Bell Pepper.

Here is the Cooked ham version

I’m not usually one to start new threads sorta why I adopted this one as it wasn’t seeing much use and much of my stash is OOO.
But it you folks think my screwball Savory Treats are worth it’s own waste of internet space I’ll think on it.


@nicotineriver has the bell pepper :wink:


Oh muh gosh that Cured Ham would be perfect, exactly what I would be looking for. Thanks so much Bob. I think you should go for it, I specifically asked you for advice because people know you are good at coming up with savory ideas, you should definitely have your own little space to explore those ideas further, and I’m betting it would conjure up a lot of inspiration. I probably wouldn’t have toyed with the idea of a savory recipe had I not seen yours.


Hey @Bob_Bitchen do you have the ooo pumpkin pie? I had a weird experience with it. To me it tastes exactly like a full thanksgiving dinner(minus the cranberries) it tasted like turkey, with potatos and gravy celery and carrots it even had a stuffing like taste. Strange i know, and hard to believe. But i have repeatedly tried it only to get the same effect…


Funny you should ask as I was just going over the OOO master list looking at the Pumpkin choices trying to decide what one of the 3 to add to my cart Plain Pumpkin, Spice or Pie
Damn I’d go for the P Pie for sure if I thought I could get a full Thanksgiving dinner out of it. LMAO !!!
Cranberry (OOO) I already have for the side dish. Heh.
OOO is my go to Company partly as they are so close at just 60 miles my orders arrive next day like clockwork. Whipping 25% discount, So I have no doubt I’ll have one of the 3 to play with very soon, Spice being the likely one I was eyeing the hardest.
I’ve got Pie Crust (OOO) and use it in a couple recipes so far with no off notes from either the stand alone or blends.


Has anyone checked ooo for VG based flavors recently? I found about 20 tobacco and 7 or 8 regular tasty flavors. Looks like they are switching to all PG. Maybe lack of interest?


They replied that those are all they have right now, but more are on the way. They’ll email me when they are released. Good customer service!