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OOO flavors


Anyone have notes on Marshmallow Cereal Type (VG) (OOO)? Only one note on the flavor page, and it’s just a recommendation for 5% SF. I’ve searched the forum as well. No mentions I could find. Thanks!


wish I could help you on the marshmellow, but I can tell you this, the bacon Bacon taste just like bacon, now I am looking for the Tomato Tommato , and the lettuce and the Mayo, already got the bread. BLT coming to you soon !!!


That sounds great! And instantly made me think of two recipe ideas… Chocolate covered Bacon, and Bacon Pancakes!




I already did a Bacon caramel coconut Doughnut , it is Deliseisosa !!!


OH forgot the picture !!!


Yeahah! That looks tasty!


actually that is not the picture I’m looking, I took one with a whole dozen with the coconut added to the bacon caramel, i’ll find it somewhere, might be on my phone, duhhh!!!