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Orange - Other wise known as Orangey'mc'Orange Face


Very nice!!! Orange the rest of you guys glad he didn’t say banana?


Yup… that’s the next post. Banana -is that a nana in your pocket. Lol.


In two weeks I’ll have my testers done with swapping out FW for fa’s. Which I think will be much better.


Sweet! I’ll watch for your notes. :slight_smile:


Granted. If you r hubby is looking for a simple orange, now that I think about it, a small percentage of orange mf to an ice cream base is pretty good. But it won’t be a full in your face orange.

Lately I have been working with fresh03’s vanilla ice cream base. My first mixes were promising but not great. I was missing vanilla whip cream cap…so i just got that in an they are two weeks into their steep. I’ll probably taste test one for alittle bit. But after that I’ll add 1% mf to one and 2% blood orange + 1% royal FA to the other.


Banana nana fo fanna, fa fee fie fo nana…

Berry berry fo ferry fanana nana … you got it!


Great job and thanks for taking the time!

Also loved the “ode to” @Pugs1970:


BTW, I was pretty sure that I’d achieved “game over” on the rare first try when I bought MF as my first foray into orange. But your writeup has me seriously considering adding a couple more in the category! Thanks again.


This is brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to write this up.


Wow. I am just floored by all the nice comments. I promise I’ll have more recipes coming up to be posted.


Unfortunately he doesn’t like creamy vapes. :frowning: The furthest I’ve been able to wander from straight fruits for him is adding a touch of cream to round out sharp fruits, and purilum fruit circles. And thaaaaat’s it.


I just had to


Yes! That’s the one!


You really did a great job with this. I can never get my Orange stuff perfect.


I loved it read it all the way through ! Great work :smile: and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new FA oranges.


Here is my latest Orange mix that has been a WIP for awhile.


Brilliant! This is the kind of recipe to make me order some Eucalyptus (INW). I think the desire to find one’s ADV is primary, but there’s another world of vape enjoyment and this is a great example. Thanks for the share


A small 10ml bottle will last a lifetime…that’s for sure. And it’s the last recpie in que to share for awhile.

Two more weeks for my FA replacement testers to be finished with steeping.


I was vaping one of my favorites recipes today that has Orange Cream TPA with a shot of Anise FA and Absinthe TPA. I really liked how the Anise kinda gives a sweeter OJ feel to the orange. It’s like the orange was more defined. I was curious if have you tried a bit of anise to enhance your orange flavors?

BTW, here is the recipe…

Subliminal by Gmix : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/229746/Subliminal%20by%20Gmix

3% Absinthe (TPA)
1% Anise (FA)
2% Orange Cream (TPA)
1% Peach (INAWERA)
1% Pear (FA)
6% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 14%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/1NRW

The Anise/Absinthe combo is a bit strong, but it drops off after a month’s steep. I do believe the Anise will enhance Orange at around 0.25-1%. Just some food for thought.


I’ll have to give it a shot. I’ll have to mix anise FA at 0.25%. I always seem to focus in on that flavor in the mix and have only liked it with strawberry.

Overall it’s been the progression of getting a super intense orange. For some it would be way do much.

Lately I have been steeping vanilla icecream bases. I vape 10mls of a 30ml bottle. Then I add fruit and let steep for acouple days. The last one I added 3 drops of orange mf and 9 drops of royal orange. It was good, but royal was alittle buried.


Here is what a proper orange mix looks like when aged.