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Other Hobbies, Besides Vape stuff?


So I am curious what other hobbies you all are in to? Seems like a pretty darned diverse crowd here, I think this could be fun and interesting to see and hear about some other activities you enjoy :slight_smile: 123go!

Real life special projects

I collected airline sickbags for 20+ years and had a collection of over a 1000 different ones, sold the whole collection a few years back though.

Just bought my first Alfa Romeo so I will imagine that will fill my time up for a while keeping it roadworthy :slight_smile:


One of my, now more neglected, hobbies is drawing. I love[d] doing photo realism pencil shading and sketches. Here is some of my work…


Collecting my daughters drawings…hehe. Her Name is Brittni DeWeese


That is just… no.



Beautiful stuff @Alisa ! I love to crochet as well, although I’ve never done anything that spectacular. :slight_smile: The coolest thing I think I’ve made is a pikachu for my daughter. My first real attempt at something other than a hat or scarf. LoL. I never can think of what I wanna make so it’s kind of an on-off hobby.

Other hobbies…hhmm. Does school count? Or watching TV? Cuz that’s about it. I like coffee but it’s not really a hobby.


Just ‘WOW’. I have a nephew and a cousin that are both tattoo artist

And both of these can draw for fun. And those drawings are up there with the best of them.


Ain’t he just a beauty. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️
Edited. :joy::joy::joy:


Ahhh… He’s awesome!! That’s some lovely work Jo!


Do you make all that for yourself or do you supply for sale?


MOst of what I’ve done is for family and friends.
I’ve sold a couple of my shawls/wraps. But, I have to say, most people don’t want to pay for my time to make them. lol


They look very nice. My mam used to make things like that years ago and she sat for hours klinking away bless her.
Brought memories back when i saw them. Very nice. :ok_hand:


I am a photographer :slight_smile: Both hobby and professional.


Beautiful!! That’s not altered/photoshopped?


It was darkened a little. It was 20 below and those girls were doing their high school portraits. It was an opportunistic moment in time. I froze my butt off in a snow suit for that one :slight_smile:


Well, that was a great shot!


Thank you for noticing, I am very proud of that image. Wont deny it… but I have better : www.blairgallerywest.com


My daughters husband is a tattoo artist also…small world.


Another photographer over here :slight_smile:

Some of my hobbiest stuff over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cagey75/

I have done professional shoots for bands/gigs, family portraiture, weddings, parties etc too. I guess I’m semi-pro.

My avatar is one of my own personal moon shots too

September Moon 2014 by Enticing Imagery, on Flickr