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Other Hobbies, Besides Vape stuff?


I do photographic post production for a living, so of course photography is a hobby of mine. Here’s some of the critters I’ve shot in the yard.


That is a good moon picture and I know how hard that is.


Shot with a camera, right? lollolol


Beautiful work btw!


Yeah, most Texans don’t bat an eye when you say you’re going to do some shooting. Unless you do portraits and say something like “I shot my neighbor’s kid for graduation.” That can confuse people. Lingo!


I’m too am afraid to use the word “shot” on social media for fear a swat team will show up on my doorstep. My dog is very guarding of the home and cops are way too jumpy these days for me to survive it :slight_smile:


I have a T-Shirt that says “I shoot people” lol, it does have a picture of a camera on though, and I live in Ireland so can get away with it, nobody has guns here bar hunters lol


I fly kites.Some I make myself but most are manufactured by friends I have in the industry.I use to race competitively with kites(ice & snow) & have now turned to kitebuggy,kitesurf & flying show kites at festivals & special events.
Not all kites are kiddies toys.Least not ones that require 2000lb line.lol CHEERS!


I watch anime as my hobby, and I collect figures from animes and manga :relaxed:


Underwater Basket Weaving!

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk

Seriously though…for fun and profit, I restore antique furniture; barrister bookcases, primarily, but I’ll pick up any unique piece and refurbish it for the right price!

Both of these pieces are circa 1900…they just don’t make beautiful furniture like this today!

Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble! :wink:


My step son draws anime! Awesome!


OMG So Cool!


That is so cool!


Ha! I love that!


That is a beautiful piece of furniture, no doubt!


I went completely nuts and bought this for myself. MY BIKE!!!


If you can do pikachoo that good. My boys would love some minecraft characters


I herd cats.


Has to be the best Super Bowl commercial of all time! :+1:


Skateboarding/longboarding, playing guitar and yoga are my passions :blush: