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Other Hobbies, Besides Vape stuff?


My hobby is woodworking. I started about 5yrs ago. It relaxes me. I like making outdoor furniture. The best part though is when the grand kids come over and say Pop-pop can we work in the woodshop.


I have hobbies galore lol. One of my favorite is coin rings. I used to sell but it became too much like a job so now I just make for friends…


Those are awesome!


Cooking/baking [more of a daily chore], salt water fishing, ATV’s, gunsmithing-ammo-shooting, animal rescue [lizards to pumas to mustangs to…], hauling food, blankets, clothing,etc to the needy, even into Mexico border towns for church missions (all non-profit), ham radio and antenna/tower building, furniture building [and my 21 drawer dresser], and when I have time…rattling cages on social media to harass the animals inside.


I play Drums,Guitar,Bass and Keys


Besides work, I shoot pool in the APA Leagues. I started playing in leagues in 2009, and so far, have gone to Las Vegas three times for National Championship events, on the APA’s dime.

Some of my other hobbies include vaping (duh, did I really have to say that), photography (I’m not nearly as good as many others, but have fun with it trying to get my best shot); music - I play trumpet, guitar (I’m okay, not great), bass guitar (I’m better at layin’ down a groovy line), and a little keys (mainly for helping me to figure out a melody, but I’ve recently been dabbling with DAW production); and amateur radio.

I also like to shoot occasionally (in the other context of the word shooting), when I have time and the weather is cooperating.

73, gud DX and good shooting to everyone.


wow that looks like the light house were I was born and raised in St. Joe Michigan. Great Job


South Haven from the North side of the Channel :slight_smile:


Wow some very talented people here. I like indoor gardening, motorcycles. And masterbation.


of the medicinal sort? :wink: lol


An oldie I did today… 1910 King of Prussia (Germany) 3 Mark. Christmas present for someone… the wifey volunteered me :slight_smile:


I was just looking at your earlier post…absolutely beautiful - you are very talented! :smiley:


Very nice :+1: :+1:


Very Nice!


Dude thats so cool…do you like sell these or is it just a hobby?


I used to sell on Etsy but it turned into a hassle…started taking too much of my time… so now it’s just something I do to unwind sometimes.


You’ve got me shopping for one now…:joy:
Quite a skill you got there dude well done :ok_hand:


Not that hard just takes a little practice. There’s bunches of people making them. I’m pretty sure there are several around the UK. If you can’t find anything give me a shout :slight_smile:


Thanks dude 🖒 Already found one I think, like the idea of a 1970 UK coin ring, ive sent him a message to see what he can do 🖒


You should totally apply that to a mod airflow ring or something. Sweet!!

Ack, I meant atty, you know.