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Other Hobbies?


Used to do this myself but can’t find the time anymore. Anyway just wanted to say they are lovely and i sure as hell never reached your “mediocre” level.


I knit when i have a couple of hours free time (almost never). Can get some funny reactions when people see me (male) do it in my military uniform


Peoples’ perceptions eh?!

People in uniform are the best people to knit.
Knitting can A) while away the hours B) Calm the nerves C) be put down at a seconds notice D) provide you with clothing / warmth

My Grandfather used to knit during WWII as a Fireman in the Blitz,
Soldiers in WWI used to knit in the trenches.


in the middle ages time of the guilds you had to be a man to get in the knitting guild



I take photographs, write short stories on both sides of indecent and read.


Every year black books Inc. A publisher in Australia release the best short stories for the year.

I’ve every year back to 2008, it’s the best Australian short fiction and I can’t wait each year for it to be released. If you want a taste of Oz. & some amazing writing to be inspired from. I can’t recommend enough.


Thank you, one can never have too many good read recommendations, especially for short stories! We have yearly anthologies here as well and I find them very useful to discover up and coming writers. I believe we are quite a few readers in the forums.


A bad lip reading would say she’s actually saying I’m hot shit


Cross stitching :blush:


Damn it man! There is saliva leaking at the corners of my mouth!


Looks yummy! What’s the steep time on that?


Hobbies…lol I tend to stay home I find its harder for me to get into trouble but …not impossible lol I like my gaming and I love my cars those 2 things usually soak up most of my time


Mmmm, just finished churning Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for real. Most people love this recipe and think there is nothing like home made ice cream to keep you cool. It’s a hot summer, not too bad today luckily.

What should I have it with?


Egg-liqueur and warm, sweetened blackberries :yum:


[quote=“Underanne, post:35, topic:106332”]
warm, sweetened blackberries
[/quote]I had to google the egg liqueur - advocaat, yes. Sounds like a good pairing.

What do you think? Make a sugar syrup and gently warm the blackberries in that. Then I’ll drizzle the advocaat if I can find sum. Else maybe a dash of white rum. I’m going to go try and find that. Thanks.


Sounds waaay too good! Yup, sugar syrup and the berries in. The advocaat is thicker and more full, I think, but the rum could work too. :stuck_out_tongue:


So some fun stuff for my hobbies.


Nice I’m a big fan of sharp things too lol


There are more sharp things there if you click on the picture.