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Other Hobbies?


Yeah I saw that



Very nice. I like the tomahawk.


So current project above. I am making a frame to fit this molle bag. This just a start and I will show finished project some time down the road.


looks like an interesting project. I would think your minimising weight could you wrap the poles in your cord. That would look awesome!

what does the frame do?


It allows me to carry more and to lash tools and other items to the frame for carry.


I know they make Alice Pack racks. I just want to DIY it.


I’m thinking all I need with it is a spoon.


I love retro 70’s stuff. I mostly collect vinyls and lava lamps. I have over 200 lamps including two 4 foot Colossus. I stopped for lack of room and scoring the holy grail of lamp, the Aladdin. Half the fun was in the hunt to find them. Flea markets, auctions etc. I learned how to restore and fix cloudy or dead wax which includes mixing. I figured would help a bit here in making juice. It’s all a delicate balance of liquids. Plus flavors take up less space… xD


That is fantastic! Do you by any chance bid on lava lamps on ebay and live in Canada? I sold a glitter “lava” lamp a few years ago on ebay, and met 2 women who collected them. You sound just like the person who won the auction. It was silver top and bottom, square, with large square pieces of silver glitter floating in liquid that reflected like a disco ball onto the walls. I actually just acquired another from the same person that gave me that one. This one I am keeping for sentimental reasons. However, the lava is pretty gloppy at this point. I don’t care though! It’s so special to me. I also have a large vinyl collection, though I haven’t been collecting more for some time. I don’t have the space to set up my record player :frowning:


I am a graphic designer. I am currently disabled due to severe pain issues. I can do a little bit of designing at home, usually in the middle of the night. I need to keep my skills sharp in order to return to work someday, which is my goal. So, as a way to do that and not affect my disability benefits, I do volunteer graphic design for local community organizations. I am currently working on or will soon be working on a Tshirt design for a volunteer fire company, 2 posters for 2 different local non profit theatre groups, and a logo for a good friend’s cheesecake business. I don’t design every day, and only for short periods of time so I am not too sore from sitting at the computer. Everyone who works with me knows that I will do a good job, for free, but it will take a while, and I can only work as my symptoms allow. So, no tight deadlines or demanding clients. That doesn’t seem to be a problem because everyone usually just appreciates the help!

Also, I love to color. It takes me back to the early years of design school, since I work so much on a computer, it’s nice to do creative things by hand again. This is the current page I am working on. I love to do really complicated pages like this!


Hi Jenny, I do bid on ebay but I’m in the US so wasn’t me. Sounds like the glitter you sold was a 70’s Mystique Gemlite. Nice lamp if so. The lava lamp you have now can sometimes be fixed by just cycling it on 2 hours/ off for 4. That is usually the first step to getting it to flow properly and clear the liquid if it’s cloudy.

I have a Technics Linear Tracking turntable but haven’t listened to any vinyls for awhile. But when I do the neighbors hear them as well… LOL


Maybe you were one of the bidders in that auction! There were 2 enthusiasts who were really into it and one messaged me and we talked a bit, which is how I had learned so much about her. Yes, I believe that is the type of lamp I sold. And thank you for the info on getting my old baby back in shape. It was passed down to me from my Aunt, who had it in her den all these years. And, I always loved it. When she moved to a smaller place, she gave it to me, in the original box!!! I can’t believe she still had it!


Nice, keep the box. Always increases the value.
And you would be surprised how many enthusiasts there are. But nope wasn’t me. I was concentrating on getting all the old Wizard glitters. I have around 17. Every color of the rainbow. I love em. All the rest are lava. I’ve picked up a bunch at sales for next to nothing. People don’t realize there are collectors willing to pay hundreds for the classics. I hope you got a good price for yours and wish I had it now. :slight_smile:


I love Lava lamps. Have several myself. Nothing fancy, but still love them.


I fly fish for Trout, catch and release. I used to build my own fly rods when I was younger. Now I just buy really expensive ones. I have too many fly rods and reels, I hope my vaping collection doesn’t go the same route. (right…)
I also tie my own flies and have a very extensive set of materials to do this.
I also love to cook and smoke (with a smoker).
Some of my favorite dishes are Peruvian and by far my most expensive cookbook is Peruvian. I fell in love with the cuisine after visiting Peru 3 times. Lima is a gastronomic heaven. Summer is almost here and for me it is time for ceviche.


playing whit wood! Is my relaxing activity! Making pens & epipes…


I will definitely will keep the box, even that feels like such a treasure! I wish I hadn’t sold that glitter one, it was amazing! But, we really needed the money at the time and I didn’t have anywhere to display it. I don’t know where I will display this one either. I am trying to get a spare room straightened up and turned into my crafts/sewing/gift wrapping room. And hopefully I can hang up a lot of my music memorabilia. I love classic rock and have lots of cool posters. And I also have a lot of cool things that I designed that I would like to hang. And maybe I can set up the lava lamp and get it working right again. And, pull out my record player and vinyl collection. I used to have a very cool turn table, but I had to downsize to one that isnt built into a stereo system. But in college and right after when I had my apartment, that turntable served me well! I have to admit that I am jealous of your lava lamps and turn table! That is great that you have a place to put it all! Anyway, it isn’t a very big room, so I don’t know if the record player or lava lamp will fit with all of the supplies I have for various types of crafting, drawing, coloring and sewing. It’s really unbelievable how much of it there is when it’s all gathered up!!


That’s awesome! Do you have old ones or new ones?


Wow, very eclectic! It’s very interesting! Thanks for sharing! The food in that book looks INCREDIBLE! I don’t believe that I have had peruvian food before. Fishing is a big deal in the areas around where I live. For Trout, you’d have to head off a few hours away to one of the bigger rivers. But, I have heard that making your own flies can be time consuming. You make all kinds of things! I guess it’s the nature of wanting to make your own juice when you enjoy creating other things yourself instead of buying them. When I get into a hobby, I tend to acquire quite a bit of supplies. And so far this has been no different! It’s the flavor concentrates that I go a bit crazy with. I have to calm down for a bit now that I have so many. But, I keep seeing recipes with flavors I don’t have, but want to try! It’s awful. It is the same way with coloring, I love brand new art supplies! And it’s hard to not just keep buying and buying when I see new things being introduced!