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Panty Dropper - Award Winning Recipe - You'll LOVE it!


You’re not the only one. Exactly what I was thinking. I was hoping they might vape and show proof of concept. You know… the panty dropping. Or anything besides a grimace when they hit that as a shake and vape. :cry:


From the first time I watched that video and the half a dozen times since this is what I see

Sunglasses propped on forehead, check
Tropical style plants with California sun, check
Pussy magnet Camaro in the video, check

Nexrt in the Panty Dropper line of vapes is the Pussy Magnet. It’s the Spanish fly of vape juice.


I’ve got the label!


The girls look like they would drop their panties without the panty dropper vape.


Only if it was in the contract for the paid testimonial. I’ve got to give it to him, at least he tried.


True. Then he came here to the hornets nest. It’s been a great source of entertainment


“We started vaping… a bit ago” said looking confused, puzzled and wondering when to say they started vaping…they so dont even vape, was just a quick payment advert before they went to the boxing to hold up the round cards.


Got to give the guy some props though. He does have 7k subscribersto his channel.


True, but Mike Vapes has over 100k and he’s got the personality and charisma of a gunked up 4 month old Kanthal coil. There’s no accounting for taste.


Dying laughing. :laughing:


That right there, is some funny shit!


LMAO I missed all of this, must’ve moved on after spotting strawberry in the dropped pants. :grimacing:


I can’t vouch for how it was made, but at least he shared the recipe! That’s saying something. I wish more commercial juice companies would share their recipes lol. Ps never made it as I thought percentages were high Idk maybe it’s really good though! Someone that made it should chime in and let us know lol


I made some. Then I made the mistake of vaping some while walking across a Walmart parking lot.

Cake batter recipe?

lol that’s hilarious man :bikini::arrow_heading_down:


I peed a little!


oh god what a mess…lmao


hahahah thanks simo this is gold…FFS_


Haha this thread still makes me chuckle :smiley:


Heh I tried this recipe when it was first posted. I knew it would be too strong for me but I wanted to give it a shot. It was just overwhelming for my taste.I made it again with percentages that seemed more normal to me. So the more subtle version may not drop any panties, but you might get a knowing glance or a wink and a smile.

1% Cake Batter CAP
0.5% Cotton Candy FW
3% Marshmallow CAP
7% Sweet Strawberry CAP
1% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream FW