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Panty Dropper - Award Winning Recipe - You'll LOVE it!


Bump…best thread ever


Is that nic…or apple juice?


I miss it all too :cry:


@vapedudde Good catch there…


“Award winner” …but which award? Who were the runner ups?foot%20coffee


He changed his name so here is the original video


@TheTinMan did he say Vape Lovely ?


Okay, my first visit to this thread and well …Dang. Liquid Panty Dropper has a wild name, but that’s only because it’s a wild mixed drink recipe. To make this strong Peach Schnapps cocktail, combine vodka, gin, coconut rum, Peach Schnapps, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and a twist of orange, and bang, you have a potent mixed drink that really brings the juiciness. I have 2 juice recipes based on it. I was so excited to see a topic titled panty dropper, but well Dang.


Hehe, this thread’s been out for quite a while, and most of the comments were negative. He’s shake and vaping it with high levels of TPA VBIC, his mixing techniques are ???, and for the love of God, how Brown is his NIC ?? The top is filthy, and the NIC looks completely oxidized. Whew. Whatta mess. I’m guessing he killed his original YT channel ??


Wow, maybe he’s left the scene, as I don’t recognize the poster’s channel.


Maybe this is the ONLY surviving copy of the video.


As soon as I read “cake batter” i knew I didn’t want to watch the video.


Oh @Chuck4 you really gotta watch it.



Everytime he says “panty dropper,” my skin crawls. What. A. Creeper.

On the other hand, I realize now that @Cutlass92 and I have been doing this all wrong the whole time. --Honey! Pack up the vape cave, we’re moving all our shit out into the garage–right next to the lawn mower.


Hang on @Molly_Mcghee I need to clean up the gas and oil I spilled well I guess that’s just extra flavor!!! Oh and for the record I prefer it when there are no panties to drop.


Just use the labels on the bottles to clean up the gas and oil. It’s not like we need to read them. :tipping_hand_woman:


Saweet! I ran out of my normal oil/gas cleaning supplies. You need to order more panties so I can steal them for the garage!


Oh Gosh, Oh gosh, Oh gosh!!! When I was young and stupid we would warm our Sake by putting the shot glass on the cars engine manifold. His labels look like he kept his flavors there. “this wave is gonna be a big hit” alright.


Oh that’s funny


The testimonial from his channel is gone! :frowning: that shit was even funnier!