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Paranormal 75C Purple Ostrich


Starting to really like the Purple Ostrich…


Purty and dual parallel, perfect for cruisin’ round town shopping,whatnot


I really wanted another PSO model but couldn’t find them any where. The Red Raptor looked ok, but now the dimply PO has me smitten.


“…I’m going over your Resume here…and .uh it’s says your last job was ‘Ostrich Peeler’ (?) Can you tell me a little bit more about that?” :smirk:

Gotta love the DNAs and that one looks pretty MoDern (colored screen) I’m feelin’ so 2017 right now…


Had this one (Red Raptor in Gumetal) with a Tornado Hero on top since August 17 and used it every day since, love it to bits, the weight feels right for me with the ergonomics of the design it is the Best Mod and Set up I have had in nearly 6 years of vaping.

I have looked at the 200w+ devices but have never gone beyond 60w on this and tbh glad i didn’t go with the Smok Alien/baby combinations and the like that were all the rage when this came out.


i have the 166, love it, doin a write up next I think, its dual series though not parallel, awesome thing :ok_hand:


Oh the poor Ostriches :persevere:

And to keep topic on track: that mod is a lovely sturdy looking thing :grin:


SD, you got a,link to where I might snag one on those beauties?


Are they really 150$ ? This seems like an awful lot for not much more functionality than, say, an eleaf Pico 25.


First time I have seen a dna mod compared to a pico :flushed:

The dna chip set is very highly regarded and even without a mod the chips are about $80


I am all ready to be convinced, but I am also an electrical engineer and if you have a chip that is 80$ in a device like this, you are probably doing it wrong.
I would think about 1-2$ of active and a 1-2$ of passive + 1$ board, for a <5$ built would get you all you can possibly ask for. If you want to have a separate buck/boost controller perhaps a bit more.

I am all ears, but let me just state that, while at higher volumes, a perfectly decent smartphone can be acquired for 80$ (Say, a Xiaomi Mi 5A, other options exist)


Not saying it is worth it but that is what they sell the board and the chip for RRP. There is a lot more to a dna device than a pico. It is like saying a Hyundai and a Merc are the same because they are cars. Just my opinion.


Fair point. The cost for small run of electronis production is high. The boards must be thousand unit runs tops. For the comparison, a basic high volume smartphone main chip is ~10$. Top end would be somewhat more but unlikely to be much over 50$.

Derail, I promise I’ll stop after this point.
I have been thinking of trying myself out at building my own control circuitry, it is a pretty easy problem for modern micro-controller HW and the relatively high inertia of the coil makes it possible to take many a shortcut. But then I don’t really have the time for it.
I do think I could do it better than the pico that I use (and am happy with).

Beyond this point, bad power electronics ideas are included, read at your own risk.
Relatively high frequency driving (10-100kHz) could make for some interesting heating profile where you heat the outside of the wire first (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_effect). Doing TC with non uniform heating of the wire could be fun as well :slight_smile:
Probably can’t use the coil itself as the power inductor in the system though, sadly. Would save on costs.





Vvery Nice @SessionDrummer, I have the Therion dna166 with red ostrich , i Luv this mod, it doesn’t leave my office or the house. thinking about pulling the trigger on the squonk dna 75, but going to hold on till mid summer, cause i feel there will be some nice variable wattage squonk mods out by than. oh: side note: i just got ZUES single coil rta and love it better than my reload, kylin, all the smok’s,. this single coil is just pure flavor, easy build,and no leaks.


@Mix_and_Hope Maybe I should start doing that with my “avant-garde” pieces.


That is so Fancy!


Another vote for the Red Raptor.


Thank you @Maureeenie and Dammit @SmilingOgre I like that one TOO !!!

I’m going to go broke…


I just loves spendin other folks money!!! It’s a looker. Gun-metal as well.