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Paranormal 75C Purple Ostrich


Hehe, YES you do !!!

All of the Paranormals I have are all gunmetal, it just looks too damned good.


Only mod I’ve had a non-vapor ask to look at. Held it and spun it around in his hands and just said “wow! beautiful thing”.


Funny you should say that. When I just (stupid) dropped my beloved PSO version Paranormal, I went into a panic (can’t find them anymore), and the FIRST day I had the purple ostrich at work, had two co-workers stop me, and ogle (or ogre) it. Next thing I know one went online and bought one on the spot, the other talked me into buying two, and selling her one. It never ends, it never does …

I think I’m going to start brown bagging it, to prevent any future issues.


That’s hilarious. One of the few mods that look better “in person” than in a picture.


Plus, there’s a few I have my eye on, once they drop in price.


If you’re just vaping your 24g kanthal in power mode at 60W… sure, go for your eleaf. Anything else, just try a mod with a DNA or YiHi chip before passing your judgement.

I kept buying 30-50£ mods and was never satisfied with TC until I bought an £80 ($100) DNA250. I haven’t bought another mod since and while it may be (more) expensive, I’m sure it saved me a lot of money from other non-satisfying mods.


The DNA 250C is out now with something like “vape playback”. The bar just went up again.


from what I understand Evolv suppose to have a dna board or mod , called the Replay, more user friendly, and remembers your sweet spot on any rda, rta, coil size,coil material, etc., Other chinese manufacturers are on to this dna board, and will be present this year, if not already, the replay reads all wire except kanthol, correctly. But can read it just not properly.


if you have a 75c already, all you have to do is download the dna Replay functions, without buying another mod.


Daniel, DJLsb Vapes talks to Evolv about the “Replay” function. Looking forward to trying it out.


Yes, broke. Welcome to Hell.


I only pass my judgement of unit cost/my evaluation of functionality. I am sure they are great products on top of being more worked on looks wise.

For now, I am happy enough with the TC performance of the pico with SS.
At ~3-4x price, the more expensive products would need to come with function changing features to bypass my self control! But then people buy expensive smartphones and expensive cars and I have no problem with this.
If I could get the expensive ones for less than twice the price of the cheaper but functionally good enough ones, I’d probably give them a go!


If you’re looking out for a sale and you don’t mind waiting on shipping, it doesn’t need to be 3-4x the price. Of course, I’m not one that always needs to have the very latest toys. There is plenty of good stuff that is a couple months old, a year old, …
When I bought my RX2/3, I saw them everywhere for around 50-60£, I paid 32£ with a sale from Gearbest. If I remember correctly, I would have paid around £80 for a Smok Alien in the local vape shops at the time (might have come with a tank that I wouldn’t use).
When I bought my Hcigar VT250 (DNA) a few months later, the mod went for 120-160£ on average but I only paid 80£ on Gearbest’s sale as well.

So if you have a choice between a Smok Alien or a DNA250 device for the same price, I know what to choose and I’m not paying ridiculous prices.


You make my point here though.
On gearbest, the original pico is at £16 and the pico 25 at £22 bare/£30 with the actually pretty decent Ello tank that takes the cheapish HW coils.
200W dual, a fairer comparison, at ~£25. Add £5 for a 3Ah LG 18650 and this is small cheap and cheerful option.

The cheapest DNA 250 based mod is £78.

At least compared to the car analogy, I’d quite like the VT250 as it would not cost me more to run. I would not exchange my van for a Merc :slight_smile: (Well maybe a Merc van, the Vito is a pretty nice ride).


You can’t possibly compare a pico single battery 75W mod with a dna250 tripple battery mod with a straight face… :roll_eyes:



So what’s this “Replay” I keep hearing about. I got Replay, every time I hit the FIRE button !!!

What am I missing, which will make ALL my current mods obsolete ?


I don’t have any replay yet, but this is it explained by Evolv’s guy himself.
(the time seems to be off a bit, it starts at 8:05)


@Suomynona Thanks for the video, I just watched it. OK, so ummmmm, this sounds like “Temp Control for Dummies” ?? I mean not dummies, but you know what I mean. He says it’s NOT TC, but that confuses the issue, because he also states, only 10% of (surveyed/polled) vapors use TC all the time, and only 20% use it some of the time. They asked why, and this is to solve that problem ?? I’m not anti change, but I’m anti stupid change, or change that’s not really a change.

OK, I don’t TC, maybe I’m missing out on something great, but damn, I get some kick ass flavor on Kanthal single wire simple coils in a Steam Crave v1. in power mode. I don’t have to adjust anything, I vape, and fill the tank, that’s about it. I hear that TC is more of a PITA and requires “fiddling” as he put it, which makes me love my simple power mode even more.

Maybe some of the veteran TC user’s can chime in here on how much of a PITA it is, or what “fiddling” they are dealing with, so I can better understand what this magical “Replay” is supposedly doing. I get that you can record whatever your current puff setting is, when you get that magical puff, and the device will save it, and replay it. OK, well, ummmm, I kinda do that already, set my watts and replay all day. Does my coil resistance change slightly when it heats, and cools, and/or clean vs. dirty ?? Sure, but it’s not enough to change the taste of my vape, or cause me to start cranking on the watts button, so I’m trying to understand if this is a whole lot about nothing or not.

I vape low with .20 - .30 ohms, and maybe 50-60 watts. Flavor’s great, temp’s reasonable, vapor’s great. I don’t feel the need to flash burn jet fuel vape at crazed wattages, so still kinda wondering what all the hubbub is.


TC isn’t the end all, be all of vaping. I like it when I use mods that do it well. Some mods require “fiddling” some don’t. Some mods just don’t do what I would call TC. I have no idea if you are missing anything or not. Only you can make that decision. On mods that do TC well, I can get a longer draw at a constant temperature. That’s about it. Oh, and for squonking, I never dry hit, but I don’t dry hit squonking with VW because I have done it long enough to know the signs early on. In regard to the play back thing, I have no idea till I try it. I think I get the concept but there’s no way to tell if I will bond with the concept until I experience it. Sounds like the FDA is blocking us from getting the update for the 75C so I guess it’s a pay for experiment. I’m in no hurry.


Dammit @SmilingOgre I love you brother, that’s something I can sink my teeth into. Roger that.