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Pazzo FlavourArts new line


They should just release the recipes and allow people the choice of buying separate concentrates to make these one-shot flavors or buy them premade. Either way, people are going to buy their concentrates and the competition won’t run away with it…


Sounds awesome! Where did you find that info… their site?


I just read the article you posted… what I get from it is that they just use their flavor range to make these one-shot flavors. So what I meant was that instead of just releasing the final product, they should instead also release the recipe for it so that everybody has access to some cool one shots they can make with their own brand’s flavors.


Hi John, thank you for sharing your methods and thinking, I bet lots of people made it to the end… avidly!
There are lots of FA fans here and all over the world, me included.
Most of us know the way FA works and thinks,and whether it’s FA Uk or Fa Us or FA It we all know how passionate you all work, that way of working has been understood and appreciated by mixers and producers worldwide.

That’s why when something like the discussion above happens we all know that there’s something else we don’t know about or overlooked and we can easily say that’s not FA’s standard way of working! There’s something else!

Thank you again for dropping by, but that’s typical FA… :joy:!


Does this mean that if you add concentrates together (one shots, stones, whatever you want to call them), they’re already starting the steeping process before they get introduced into the base liquids?

This has been a topic of discussion and what I understood from many is that there’s not much steeping going on until you put all ingredients together (including base liquids).


Just a quick reply. The main reason for not just giving away my recipes is to stop some of those less scrupulous from copying them and turning out their own versions. This happened as far back as 2012 when I developed Black Jack Vintage, based on a traditional UK sweet (candy). Within a few months, there were lots of different versions being sold that used my recipe but not FA flavourings.

As for steeping, yes the concentrates react when mixed together and I believe it is important to get that flavour right first. Then it has to undergo testing when mixed with PG/VG/Nic to make sure it retains the original flavour. If there is change, you know that it is the PG/VG/Nic effecting it and you have to address that issue if it arises, which fortunately is not very often. It’s about control and not wasting precious liquid.


I respect your reasoning, but clones are just that and if you’re using different ingredients it simply won’t be the same.
I look at it in a totally different way though. If you look for example at http://angosturabitters.com/cocktails-and-mocktails/. It’s also a company that sells unique products/flavors and they publish recipes that entice people to buy their drinks. Other companies that sell rum and liquors can take these recipes too and try to copy them whatever way they like, but the end result won’t be the same.

If FlavourArt (UK, US, Italy, … ) would post a recipe and stamp their name on it, it looks a hell of a lot more appealing to me than the recipe from an unknown mixer or a shady vape shop that mixes its own liquids. I’d rather buy the flavors or premixed concentrates from you than that other shop. Just having an idea of what to do with some flavors may even encourage me to buy a flavor that I otherwise wouldn’t think of buying… but like I said, that’s just how I think of it all, a single opinion.

Big thanks for your explanation about steeping. I’ve always wondered that and I’ve always heard differing opinions, even from more advanced mixers. :+1:


Wondering if those will be available in the flagship shop in Milan.

Most importantly, I don’t know why but I feel like calling them “cazzo” rather than “pazzo” :rofl: