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Pazzo FlavourArts new line


Some of you may or may not be aware. FlavourArt has launched a new line Pazzo, They are OneShot concentrates. I was fortunate enough to have been chosen by Richard Hong from FA and sent me these concentrates to try. I will post my flavor notes and impression of each in the near future. Until then I will post the descriptions and recommended percentages here.





What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?







where do grandmas even get these candies at? There are like the twinkies of candy, outlasting nuclear war.


Now that Blackcurrant looks right up my street!
Thanks @Mark_Turner for posting and sharing these!
Looking forward to your thoughts on these!


They look delicious if I may say so. Hopefully they do well so other companies start making one shots. I’d like to see some from Flavorah.


I don’t think that knowledge is revealed until the menopause fairy pays a visit.


Looks awesome Mark. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted.


Mark…thanks for putting that out to us…they look good…looking forward to what you think on them…Keep us posted…


Okay, I made 10ml testers using the recommended percentages from FA.
On the shake they are all decent, but need time to mature.
Ace -Tropical Melody of Flavors is very promising so far. I think this will be excellent, very nice layering of flavoring. CoConut, Pineapple, Orange & a slight Mango/Melon? that’s what I am getting so far. Very tasty :yum:


@Mark_Turner Have these been released to the public yet?


Ace looks most appealing to me. Glad it was promising to you, good to hear.


Richard Hong at FlavourArt North America said the Pazzo line launch will be mid -February. I would expect some of the Select Venders to have the line available for resale by months end.


@Mark_Turner Wow, good stuff brother, I had NO idea FA was getting into shots. Seems to me the rage for them is growing !!! On a whim during a recent One On One flavors bulk order, I saw they had some shots and I tried a few, just to see. Some were good, some were ehhh. Anxious to hear what you think of FA’s offering.


Yes it does seem like the trend is offering One Shots now.
I will let everyone know my personal opinion as they mature.
The Pazzo line according to Richard Hong at FlavourArt North America should be available at Select Venders by Mid-February :+1:


I’ll be looking forward to your review


Jack Ace and Joker…prob the top 3