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PG-free Recipe Depository


Hi, folks! I’m on the hunt for great recipes that use only PG-free flavors and have no PG added.

Searching the recipe database here is the old Needle in the Haystack scenario. (Maybe there could be a function on there some day, like sorting by rating, but sort by PG/VG-ratio: 0/100? @daath?)

Got a tried and true? Feel free to share it here! Please and Thanks!


I think if anyone here could help, it would be my stister @Amy2. I know she tries to get the least amount of PG possible and she may have a few 100% free PG recipes up her sleeve. The closest ones I have are 3-6%, so I can’t help


That would be great! Gotta be 0%, though, for sure.

One of the best tools here to help new mixers is the recipe database. I hear the advice all the time, look up a highly rated recipe that suits your taste, buy the ingredients and mix it, best way to learn! But, it’s virtually useless for pg-free-only mixers! Seems like every recipe has some in it.
Thanks for the help!


That Is why you take some inspiration. I call them inspiration points. Mixing with zero…like 100% zero pg is very difficult and consider myself lucky

That being said many of the mixers gravitate towards FA, MF, RF brands for their higher level concentrated flavoring or all vg (that would be RF) because mixing a recipie at with 5-8 percent of flavoring is way way better than 20% when using all cap in comparison.


Agreed! I’ve been working on gleaning inspiration from the recipes here and getting lots of great advice on mixing plus mixing without PG. What I was hoping for with this topic is to see some actual recipes that were successful and designed for 0%PG from the get-go. Pulling up a recipe to recreate that might have a flavor or brand I hadn’t tried, seeing exactly the ratios and %s, reading the notes and comments…just like everyone else can do just by hitting the ratings button and finding a recipe to recreate.
I’m working on the technique, but thought a real, possibly complex, recipe would be nice to work from. Thanks for the insight, man!


There’s no way to do that right now. One way would be to add the flavors to your stash and use “What can I make” - Or you can go to the flavor detail pages for each of the flavors you are looking at, and see if there are some recipes under there, with only those flavors, or examine them and see if you might be able to sub some…


There are a small number of flavor companies that offer pg free concentrates so you are going to be very limited. Off the top of my head the only one I can thing of is Real Flavors.


Thanks! I have found 3 companies that offer totally pg-free concentrates and extracts, so far: MF, RF and Nature’s Flavors (NF). Plus a few of the commonly used PG flavor companies have sprinklings of PG-free versions. WL has a section dedicated to some of those. I was just hoping to see a few finished and tested recipe links here.


Thanks, man! I’ve been using those methods, still not much out there. With my meager 40-flavor stash, all pg-free, the “what can I make” button reveals 8 recipes; 4 are mine, and the other 4 are simple taffy recipes that I’ve basically made already :slight_smile: The PG-free struggle is real! Haha! I’ll keep plugging away and build my stash. I’ve had some really tasty results so far, just need to refine my technique…a lot!


It seems like quite a few people started backing away from rf vg flavors because of the long steep times it took in order for them to develop.


RF Super Concentrates are PG Free and seem to be gaining in popularity. I have about 30 of them and am mostly pleased with all of them.


Yep, the RF SC’s are great! I have so many more to buy. I have a few of their VG line, but that was from my first flavor purchase, before I figured out a lot of things.


Vaping Zone SC are alcohol based and any of the chinese sourced SC are as well (bullcity flavors, diy-ejuice etc)


Heres a flavor company from the UK that has their own line of VG flavors … Not sure how good they are but if its all 100% VG recipes you want then I suppose you can only try them … You might find a few hidden treasures which most lines have a least a few. Hope this helps you on your quest for all VG recipes …


Awesome, thank you! I’ll look into both of those.


i like your sister :stuck_out_tongue: lol … i am trying that too (getting the lowest PG possible)… though no much success in my experiments :frowning:
wanted also to start trying “REal Flavors” flavors since they’re VG based but the cost here is kinda high (5e/10ml) while i don’t have so much info for them… (percentages or recipes that i could really use them) :frowning:


Yeah, she’s a pretty cool lady :wink:
I haven’t dove into the real flavors yet. I have 100s and 100s of flavors, so I really haven’t branched out further than what I have. Medicine flower is another PG (and VG) free option. I just can’t bring myself to throw out the $30 per 1/2 oz price tag, plus the ones I have, I still use 1-2%.
IF I had a PG allergy though, I would consider using RF or MF, if that was the only way I could vape…


Hey :slight_smile: Well, sadly, like I said, I’ve no recipes that In really want to share as yet, not cos I’m mean, but cos they’re neither complex nor awesome. I’m still trying to tweak 'em, whilst waiting weeks and weeks and weeks for the latest experiment to steep.

Right now, I’m feling really , really glum, after my latest tasting session! Just about everything in the latest batch, was either weak to point where I wasn’t sure what i was tasting, or else they tasted downright peculiar. This included a couple of things that tasted nice a few days ago…heck, I wonder if I’m coming down with vaper’s tongue?

Sadly, Open Source Vapor fell victim to the impossible new laws , or else i could point you in their direction. OSV made totally PG free juice, and all the recipes were openly posted on the site! I wonder if Josh (the owner) still has the recipes up , somewhere? I learned quite a lot from reading his posts on ECF, and from corresponding with him a bit.

Well, anyway, here’s OSV’s thread on ECF, maybe you can find some useful info there?

You’re doing better than I am with finding recipes on here, anyways. I’ve entered 48 concentrates into my online stash (not quite all my concentrates, just all I had time and energy to enter so far) and…wait for it/… there are 2 recipes i can make with that lot, apparently. Both and single flavour aaaaaand… one of them PG in it. Aaaand… it was posted by a guy who mixed it up, shook it, tasted it three hours later, noted that it tasted of nothing as yet, then got totally bored with the experiment , it would seem :rofl:


After reading your post, Darth, I had a look at Amy’s profile,checked out some of her posts, and found another PG-free concentrate supplier!

Don’t jump for joy, just yet, @Plunderdrum. These are awesomely expensive. Must say, they have me dooling though:

EDIT: oh! I just checked out a couple of Amy’s recipes here and both of them were PG-free.


Further to my earlier post about Open Source Vapor, I just found out that @Anonymiss has posted their recipes to preserve them for posterity http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=65031 .

As you see, they use MF concentrates, exclusively. :slight_smile:

I’m a little bit puzzled though. I know that OSV used distilled water to thin the juice, but it isn’t on the ingredient list. It is, however, specified in the notes for at least one of the recipes. I suppose it’s implicitly included in the “VG diluent”?

Clarification from some older hands on this site would be appreciated!