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Pg ingredients


If all my ingredients are pg based and my nicotine is also pg based.
At a 20% flavour mix and 6mg nic content what is the pg overall.
Any help links are appreciated
Based on a 10ml vape


You can enter all of your info in the calculator and it’ll do the math for you.


This topic has a wealth of tips and knowledge.

Happy mixing!


Thank you very much my real question was is it 20%flavour so =20%pg as all pg based or does the flavouring subtract from the pg base.
I will take a look at that.
Sometimes I go really into depths with things.
This might be one of them occasions.
OCD lol


yes the 20% subtracts from the base


If your flavors are PG and you are using 20% of the flavoring then your PG ratio is 20%.

If you are using 100mg nic juice in PG base at 6mg nic content then that would be 6% of your mix.

26% PG total in your mix.

If you try to put in 80% in your VG box it will not allow it. You would have to put in 74%.

Does that help?


Or what Worm said. Lol.


yes the nic will raise it to 26% if he is using 100mg nic…/wave tinman


So I could just ad vg to make up the other 80vg of my 20pg/80vg mix.
I’ve got a habit of over thinking things and was getting myself confused with it all thinking the actual concentrate weight would alter the pg to vg rate but guess when your weighing at 0.01 that won’t really effect the flavour much.
Hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree as my first steeps are based on this method and concentrates aren’t free


Yeah that helps I haven’t used the calculator yet but I really appreciate you guiding me.
If it was not for people like you the begginners would give up.
So I take my hat off to you.:woman_farmer:t2:


7.2%\72mg nic pg based


Ok, when you use the calculator, right below the desired VG there is a box to click for max VG. With a 20% flavor mix and your nic strength at 72mg the max VG you will be able to get is 71.7%

The nic strength will bump you up to 8.3% in the PG column. The only way to change this is to go with a VG based nic the next time your purchase nic. Or lower your flavor percentage if possible by using strong concentrates.


I guess what I’m trying to say is you won’t be able to get an 80/20 mix at 20% flavor and PG based nic.


I never used the calculator before I just added the pg ingredients ratio together took a ten ml recipe as example and added vg to get to the overall weight.
If that makes sense.
I used a pg based recipe as my guidence.
But I had to asked the question as it had my mind in overdrive.
The calculator will be very beneficial


The calculator is awesome.

And forgive my manners, welcome to the best recipe site on the planet!


Makes perfect sense but when treading the unknown it is and makes so much sense for a site like this.


You have a great start, you are asking good questions. I started on the recipe side before I came to the forums so I was pretty lost. But the calculator makes it easy.


Every question I post I hope it’s not daft but you don’t get answers without asking questions.
And been new to some can be as good as been daft sometimes.
Not had that feeling or seen that here tho.
Maybe the poisonous nicotine has something to do with that.
Every(cloud) excuse the pun haha


You will get a lot of help here. No question is too silly. I would rather see you through the process safely and hope to get you to the best vape possible.




@worm1 hahaha
Reminds me of mad max