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Pg ingredients


when u try new mixes, it will be cheaper to make a small batch, like 15ml w/ no nic, the nic is the expensive part. If u like it then make larger batch. After a while u can fiddle w/ the nic % and get your nic lvl down too. If u start to go lower ohms on your builds/coils, u might find the mixes harsh, so u may need to lower the nic% then too.


So big newb question can I follow ppl on here.
If so how?
A link will do you don’t need to explain it.
You guys have helped enough tonight/today in the states


Use the recipe calculator, it will make things a lot easier for you.


u can follow mixers, pick a few that mix what u like w/ the pg/vg ratio since that effects the flavor %'s. There are a few that may use brands that u can get easier, some peps in OZ cant get certain brands.I picked a few that are still mixing and regularly join chat ch. so if i have a Q, i can ask.GL to u.


Sorry yes my first mixes were 5ml all my notes are on scraps of paper.
But I did right them down and multiples by6 to get 30 ml.
I only new to do this by reading other forums but that’s stage 1 when I was just scanning
Overall I want to make my perfect juice then share with others so they can tweak to there taste.
Life is all about taste


Only used dsv so far.
Have seen others chefs for e.g.


Thanks guys you’ve been a great help.
Hope to speak again when I have some better questions to pick your brains about.
And thank you to everyone else who helped


yeah, keep all private till u know it works, the DB is filled w/ crap. when u pick a flavor from the drop down menu in the calc, pick the correct brand and that brand may have duplicates so pick the one w/ the most mixes, should look similiar to: vanilla (TPA) for example, not vanilla by tpa or otherwise.


not usually. 100mg nic at $50/liter costs $0.05/ml. What does TPA flavoring cost? $4/30ml? That is $0.13/ml and he is obv using more flavoring than he is nic.


yep,so sry,the cheapest way would be to vape 100% VG


I don’t know if I’m looking at this incorrectly or not, but if you had 20% flavors then added 6 % (pg) nic to have a total of 26% pg 74% vg… stating that you can just add more vg to make the juice to at 20/80 (pg/vg) will work… but you will not have 20% flavoring afterwards.
I’m just saying that if the 20% flavoring number is important… but like I said I may be looking at this incorrectly.


It ain’t easy starting anything unknown.
With the right help il get there thanks again guys.
All your comments have got me giddier than a school girl.
Can’t wait to get the next brew on.
Definitely using the calculator


The Calculator really does make it stupidly easy to build a recipe. If you get to far out of PG-VG ratio you’ll get a big red banner suggesting your PG ratios is off so you can’t screw it up to badly.


Just used the calculator do a basic blueberry and menthol to get the jist of it.
Amazing tool hat of to who ever made it.


@Bob_Bitchen thanks for the heads up on the red banner


I had to ad 0.08 pg still it tastes good.
Onward and upward.
Thinking of getting more nic to put on freeze.
I’ve got 500ml n 450ml to split.
With the new tpd law I’m confused as to the extra expenses.
As far as I can see we can only buy in smaller bottles.
So won’t I just have to bulk buy the 10ml bottles to get the same amount I purchase already.
Don’t forget I’m a newb so lamen terms please.lol


Yes, but it works out more expensive :+1:


So are they putting extra tax on it?


You’re currently buying the 72mg/ml from darkstar @ £17.49 for 500ml.

You’ll only be able to get 10ml bottles of 18mg/ml @ £15.99 for 18 bottles (180ml total)

You’d need a lot more of the 18mg/ml pack of 18 to get any where near the amount you have in the 72mg/ml bottle.


Around 3 times more expensive thanks you lolly.
Where did you say you got your concentrates again.
If it’s in this thread don’t reply.
Was just looking for it when saw your post still having trouble navigating the site.
I did just find the flavour stash section were you can add your flavours and it will give you list of recipes you can make.
Site gets better and better.
The more I look around.