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Pg ingredients


Actually significantly more as it is only 18mg per mil.


You’re well on your way then :+1:

I normally get mine from Rainbowvapes.co.uk or Chefsflavours.co.uk or Flavourart.co.uk and sometimes juice cabin, wizard vapes and vapable :+1:


I would love to hear the thoughts about that rule in the TPD, i mean what lead them to make it 10ml and only 18mg… If someone would ask me i would say it is ridiculous and nothing else.
I’m sure they will say its to protect children and so on, but how about all the stuff in the bottles under the sink that could kill kids? Theres no restriction on bottle sizes or strength on those are there.

Its all BS and it all comes from Pharma and Tobacco in an attempt to muscle in on a market where they aren’t strong yet but with the flawless help from law makers and shady governments or should i say Criminal politicians they have in their pockets they will manage to take over the vaping industry eventually not only in Europe but in the US as well.


I couldn’t have put it any better beaut! :+1:


Thanks dear, i had that rant in me for a long time now and i finally got it out :wink:


Well it was a beautiful little rant and I am glad you have rid yourself of the inner rage it must have been causing :laughing::kissing_heart:


It is basically as you say - they cannot heavily tax all the other ingredients so they have made it hard to diy by mucking with nic (you wait it will be heavily taxed soon) so it will drive people to buy store juice which they can tax heavily. Crooked bunch of asshats


Yeah only been reading about it for two days but it seems we are getting the shaft.
That video from House of Lords was intriguing.
I haven’t watched it through yet but first ten minutes were good.
Il try to find it.


Oh i assure you that as long as we have these asshats dictating what we can or can not do i will surely put up a rant now and then :laughing:


Yet again greed shows its worst side to us as per usual.
Humanity died a long time ago in big corporations and the only thing that ever matters is money and the more they can make the better they are according to themselves. Oh and i’m pretty sure they see themselves as big humanitarians. What a fucking joke.

@Lolly you see i had another one in me :laughing:


It not putting right one I put tpd in search and it the article about opening a business with the tpd the video is there


I have to say, I had sensed inner angst in you over the last week or so dear :wink: You just get them all off your chest and you will feel better :laughing::+1:


You totally crack me up sometimes you know that right :laughing:
Love you for it as well :hugging:


So ten mil bottle at 18mg nic per mil will make me two 30mil bottles at 3mg per mil.
Or there about.
My calculation was you need 1.67nic ml at 18mg per mil to make a ten mill bottle at 3mg nic per mil.
X 6 = 60mil =10.2tpd new bottle


Correct, a 10ml 18mg bottle will give you 60ml of liquid at 3mg.


So that’s going to cost me around 44p to make a 30ml bottle not including postage,vg/pg and concentrates.
So somewhere in the region of a pound per 30mil bottle all in.
Guess I will have to become friends with a nicotine wholesaler.


If you would have a 10ml bottle of 72mg nic that will give you 240ml at 3mg. Quite a difference to be honest.


So around 4 times more expensive


That’s why they have reduced the size and mg per mil to make it seem easy to swallow yet what would have been 17.99 at 500ml 72mg per mil will be more like 71.96 when tpd comes in.