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Picture Game - What is it?


Cookie cutter? Pie tin?



Ah, the good ol’ days of rotary dial phones! That brings back some fond memories…I once cracked one of those handsets on my brother’s head! He lived and, more importantly, let me live but he still has a knot on his noggin 30+years later!





You forgot to mention how they claw your furniture and rugs, leave yacked up hairballs lying around, and if they’re males…well dang the smell when they spray. Funny story, we had a grown male cat who peed on my work boots out on the porch. I didn’t know it at first and was wearing them one day around our young female cat. I would walk through the house and she’d run in front of me a few paces, stop, drop her chest to the floor and stick her rear in the air. Oh the jokes around my house! :laughing:


The missus and I have had cats for 20 years, and we recently had our first unfixed male join the clowder. When he first arrived we thought he had some sort of serious kidney/bladder disorder because the smell of his urine was so FOUL. We rushed him to the vet only to find out that his “scent” was normal for an unfixed tom. The vet did a full exam and discovered that he HAD been fixed, but they most likely only removed one of his testes and the second one most likely never descended. Needless to say, his neutering was scheduled that day!


Well I suppose if I ever got a cat for myself it would have to be beastly. Just like my dogs - I’ve never sought out the ankle biters even though they’ve been in my house. Nope, I like em large and in charge. So this is my version of a cat I would feel fits my personality …


All of our cats have been strays-We never consciously said, “Let’s get CATS!” It just sort of happened. If I were to actively search out a cat, I would definitely want a Pixie Bob. Stupid name for an awesome crossbreed of bobcat and regular ol’ house cat. They get to be about 30-35 pounds and don’t meow so much as growl. More dog like in attitude as well, and most are polydactyl-more toes=4WD kitteh!


My wife and I take in the worst of the worst from a local abused cat kill shelter. DOES put some pressure on you when you accept them, because you know if they DON’T work out and go back, you know what happens. Thankfully, we’ve managed to save every single one of them. 4 isn’t that many, when they’re a pride clan.


[thread derail] Sorry… [/thread derail]



Air filter


No, but interesting guess…


WTF? I have no idea. Looks like a blade sharpener… possibly…?


I should have used a different, more common model… Provari Radius


That’s a nice mod. I have never seen or heard of them tho



Plunge router?


Sorry no…