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Picture Game - What is it?


Alien remover?

(what they should have used in the Sigourney Weaver version, or the “antique version” of what they used in The Matrix)


Fancy sub pump? Something to do with water?


Sewer grinder pump?


Base sure looks like some kinda sump pump ?


Nah wait a minute, strike that, there’s handle on the left side. Water jet, cutting concrete ?


It’s a big wheel


You are correct! It is a special one, it works on screw principle not centrifugal.


Wait, what ?? Sewer grinder pump ?? Whaa ??


Yep, I’m one of about 5 people that know how to work on them in my area, there are only two companies that work on them around here as far as I know, they are for mountainside homes and can pump 2 miles straight up!


@Cutlass92 Feeling stupid here, it grinds concrete up FOR sewer, or it grinds and pumps OUT sewer ??


There are situations when a home cannot have a traditional gravity sewer, i.e.: hilly terrain, old housing additions-subdivisions, distance from the treatment plant. To name a few. In those situations the homes require a pump like this to remove the waste.




As you can tell, I’m NOT a plumber LOL. I do like sweating copper (weird right ?). Out here on the failed east coast, I see them when people finish basements, add basement bathrooms, but there’s not enough drop (what is it for sewer 1" per 3’ ?) to tie in to main waste line. Pumps it up, then falls back into main waste line.



Minimum is 1" per 8’ where I am, perfered is 1" per 4" but it may be different where you are. Yes basement bathrooms are the most common use for them, there are a lot of homes here that have two, one outside and one in the basement. The ones that go in the walls are prone to falling and are not preferred, but are usually put in when the contractor or homeowner doesn’t want to hire a plumber.


Hehe, yeah, you’re RIGHT about when the HOMEOWNER does it. The one you posted looks a whoooooole lot better, and from reading the product sheet, seems like it chews up about everything, EVEN things that weren’t intended to be in it’s path.


Tell me if the following makes sense. My neighborhood is rather old, but on city sewer. Some homes have basement baths, most don’t. When the rare sewer backup happens, the poor neighbors with the sewer tied basement baths, start to get EVERYTHING coming back from the city line (uh oh), lowest point and all that. Had one neighbor who got pissed, and switched TO the el cheapo (right behind the commode) unit, to avoid anything coming BACK from the city side during a main line backup. I’m guessing that would work right ?? Some kind of check valve where the hit the main in the house would prevent that ?


I love the e-one pump series, and put them in any time I can! They are just better built. Last longer as well. There one downfall is the stator. Small rubber insert that actually does the pumping. They wear out after 4-6 years and are around $500 to replace, that being said most pumps on the market only last that long and cost around $3,500 to replace, and that’s only the pump. If it needs more parts than that then you can add another 1-2 thousand!


they where an actor.


So sad… One of my fav characters. RIP Lafayette