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Plum concentrates, any recommendations?


I’m looking at experimenting with plum, primarily as a tobacco additive in low percentages. I’d appreciate any suggestions, I’ve never vaped plum. Thanks :grinning:


Plum (OOO) One on One is in my stash and one I reach for on a regular basis as I have more then a few recipes with it as a major or minor player.



I get why you’re asking though, it seems that very few people leave useful flavor notes on this site anymore :frowning:


Thanks, Bob. I should have mentioned I’m in Australia and can’t get ooo flavors here. My options are CAP, INW, TFA, FLV, FA, FW, Molinberry, Jungle Flavors, Real Flavors, Purilum, Flavor revolution, Vape Train and Vaping Zone SC. Thanks kindly for the suggestion though, cheers!


Smoked Plum INW is highly recommended (great with tobacco; they have regular Plum as well).


Thanks, Mikser, that sounds perfect and may grab both. Really appreciate your suggestion, have a good one!


What about vape train?


Yes, thank you, just added that one. Never tried their concentrates but I will.


They are pretty new well new within the last week or so to the us market and still new to your neck of the tundra. (I think that’s an Aussie outback joke. Lol not sure)


Yes, they are a newer company and I’ve head some good things about them, we shall see. Neck of the tundra could be an Aussie thing but more common is neck of the woods, same as the US.

However, when we describe somewhere further away, like toward the outback, we say…
“Out the back of buggery” or Woop Woop. Strange lot these Aussies, I’m only half Aussie and half yank. Guess that means I’m only half strange, some would argue though :grin:


Be careful with that smoked plum, a little will go a long way.
:warning: It is very strong.


Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to trying it. Take care.


MF Plum is good. Expensive but real tasting very ripe fruit. Not sure if NF has Plum. Other than those two I’m Plum out of ideas :smiley:


Nice play on words there. Yes, I suspect MF has a nice Plum, many of their flavors are excellent so thanks for the tip. Perhaps a last resort if INW smoked doesn’t pan out. Cheers.


Be interested how the vape train plum is if you try it Charles. Tried a few vape train concentrates some of which not thought much of, some ok but over hyped and a couple really really good…good enough to have got me to order quite a few more cant get on chefs in the uk to order direct from vape train as I do think they will have some belters amongst the usual hype


I’ll let you know, Will. It’s on my list of things to buy. There’s always some hype in this game but damn there’s a ton of great concentrates. I’m like many here, an honorary member of FA…Flavors Anonymous. Enjoy the day/evening, cheers.


I also want to vape a plum. Is Inawera plum good?


I like INW plum, although some don’t,and it is great to add depth to grapes in low percentages.


I’m going to have to try Inawera Plum if you say so. :slightly_smiling_face:
But there isn’t any better ones available?


I doubt he’s going to recommend his 2nd choice :stuck_out_tongue:
But you could always try MF as well…
I know rawliving.eu sells MF in Europe but they don’t carry the plum extract, guess you’ll have to order from the US and pay a bit more for shipping.