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Plum concentrates, any recommendations?


Lol, if you saw the latest updates in the Cannabis Cappuccino thread you would know that’s not happening.
I f****** hate international shipping. The only times it goes nice and smoothly is from Fasttech and Ebay.


I honestly have never dabbled with Medicine Flower…
Can you look at me with a straight face and tell me 15ml is worth $26?


Nobody likes it, but I’d dare to argue about it going smoothly. I’ve ordered stuff from all over the world, the only problem I’ve ever experienced is that a shipment was delayed 3 weeks due to Chinese New Year (or so they claim).
I can’t say much for fasttech, I hear they’re slow, but it arrives… you gotta have some patience if you want things cheaply.

Recommended % to use are about a 10th of the average TPA concentrate and people are generally speaking very satisfied with their concentrates… so yes, a very straight face.


What i meant by that is i like free shipping. Lol
If i order something from the US it damn sure better show up, but when i do, i always expect to be raped both by the shipping company and customs too, if the item value is over $13,22.
In the Cannabis thread i posted a picture of a 4oz bottle that would cost $53 to get shipped to EU with UPS.


I feel your pain… but some things are really worth the shipping costs.
If you’re going to order stuff with such shipping costs, usually people save for a big order so shipping costs don’t weigh in too heavy on 1 single concentrate.
A group order for stuff like that is often interesting too…

But yeah, if you’re going to ship 1 concentrate, that’s going to be a bit ridiculous


No matter what, if the value of the items in your package exceeds $13,22 you will have to pay a ‘customs handling and inspection fee’ which is around $20. If your order exceeds around $181 (can’t remember exactly) you will also have to pay 25% import fee on all your items… Lol
Then there’s even more fees on importing alcohol and tobacco products.
But isn’t this pretty standard in the US as well?
Group orders would be a viable option! :slightly_smiling_face:


To be honest Inaweras is the only plum I have in my stash so can’t compare?


I have never vaped a plum! So you are more experienced than me! :wink:


Well everyone’s got to start somewhere? Lol


We need more plum recommendations.


TPA Plum has 1082 recipes and 3 stars on ELR.

INW Plum has 422 recipes and 3,5 stars on ELR.

INW Smoked Plum has 119 recipes and 3 stars on ELR.

FW Plum has 67 recipes and 4 stars on ELR.

MF Plum has 37 recipes and 5/5 stars on ELR.

OOO Plum has 18 recipes and 5/5 stars on ELR.

RF Sugar Plum (VG) 12 recipes and 2 stars on ELR.


Hell yes! If there is a flavor you are chasing and cap/inw/tpa and so on are not doing it. Then yes. Some of there flavors just make a mix pop and shine in a unique way.

Is 26 high? Yes. But 1-5 drops per mix (many at the 1-2 drop range for 15ml to 30ml recipies). 15mls will last a long time.


Alright, alright, fine. I’ll go try some of they’re best rated. :neutral_face:

I know they aren’t rated so highly because of nothing, but i still figured there has to be some hype to it.

Sounds nice, but aren’t they supposed to be the most realistic flavors on the market?
If so, that can be a good or bad thing depending on what you need? :slightly_smiling_face:


Not to sound too confident or harsh, but they are actual extracts from real foods. I don’t know if you can find any flavors more real than that for vaping. As with most flavor companies, they have their duds too, so do your research before purchasing.

Here a link that might help you decide…


For many yes. I often find the complete package. Like for kiwi…it has the complete experience. The green the inner white and the brown. It’s very nice when one chooses to boost it was kiwi fa and some kiwi double tpa.


I know all they’re flavorings are made from the real deal, and that this is the reason for the hefty price tag.
Are the flavorings distilled or what? :slightly_smiling_face:


Makes sense, that if they have to fill something like this, with strawberries it’s not going to be cheap. Lol


Technical Information:
Our flavors are obtained through a proprietary technology conducted at temperatures below 118 degrees F. This process comprises a multi-stage extraction encompassing initial desiccation, lyophilization, and CO2 extraction.



I’m not even going to pretend i know what that means, let’s be honest here.


But, basically they use liquid nitrogen right?