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Plum concentrates, any recommendations?


I don’t know either, but if you’re interested you can read up on it here…



Quick Google search and i found out it means 'extreme dryness’
Liquid nitrogen i know is very cold and dry because of Youtube.


Youtube really isn’t what it used to be.


How prominent is the brown skin compared to the actual green fruit?
Also, your very favorite MF flavorings?


Is MF Plum good?!


I’m sure MF plum is good but I want an affordable option for a tobacco recipe. Anyway, nice to see so many ideas, I appreciate everyone’s input. :grinning:


Trying not to veer off too much, but have you ever tried fig with your tobacco mixes?


Has anyone tried OOO Plum? :slight_smile:


These are the ones i’m kind of most interested in.
But all plum related notes are welcome!


No, and that’s another one I wish to experiment with. This never ends, every day I come up with more ingredients and my flavouring wish list keeps bloody growing!


I’ve got Plum (OOO) in several recipes. Love it.


Nice! Thank you for your feedback.
OOO Plum is now on my priority list. :smile:


Well, after all that I went ahead and ordered INW smoked prunes by mistake. Add the plum next week I guess.



How bad is it? :rofl:


Won’t be here until tomorrow, soon as I’ve tested it, I’ll report back. Should work well with certain tobacco blends though.


If indeed the concentrate you purchased was this:

…I’ll say, even though I love stout tobacco vapes, somewhere between .3% and .5% of this flavor was plenty in a mix. It will take over a mix in no time flat if you’re not careful. It also deserves good long steep to “tame that beast”!


Yes, that’s the one. Thanks kindly for the tip, look forward to experimenting with it. Always appreciate your input :grinning:


All prunes are plums, but not all plums are prunes. Prune plum varieties have very high sugar contents that enable them to be dried without fermenting while still containing the pits.

Shouldn’t be so bad or so incredibly different from your plums… both should go fine with tobacco :slight_smile:


Inw Tobacco smoke and Prunes arrived. Smells like crap so should work well :smiley: