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Poll - Resistance Wire... What's Your Preference?


This is a informational poll to open a discussion about vaping wire.

Feel free to offer any comments below.

  • Kanthal A1
  • Nichrome 60
  • Nichrome 80
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • 317L Stainless Steel
  • Ni200
  • Titanium Grade 1
  • Tungsten Ceramic (I hope this is correct)

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I liked Ti 1 too, but SS 316L is all I ever use now because I was always forgetting which atty had which wire.


Before I started using 22g Ti, SS was my wire of choice. I only had 28g 316L though. I just ordered some 22g 316L and now I’ll be able to do a fair comparison of the two. SS is very popular around here, so I’m giving it another shot.


they’re both great IMO, but I’ve only used 26g


Titanium grade 1 , I have yet to find anything that works as well.Unfortunately it is becoming hard to find a reliable source so I have been using 316L SS. The SS produces a wonderful flavor but I can’t seem to find a way to use it reliably with T/C.
It is crazy in the fact that I own six Dna 200 mods with state of the art boards and yet am running four of those in power mode due to coils.One I have a Ni200 factory coil in ,Smok TVF4, and the other I am trying to see if the latest Ti I have is going to work properly.


That’ll be a spoiler for me. Some vapers say they don’t see any difference in TC and Power modes. I can spot it right away when my TC isn’t working. I get a flavor drop from my norm.

I hope the 22g SS will have a very low ohm output and it works better in TC mode.


I have it on order as well as of now 26 is the largest 316L SS I have used but I am finding that it works much better than the 28 I used earlier.


When I went from .5mm Ti to 22g there was a world of difference. I hope this holds true with the 22g SS.


I never looked at it from that perspective.I tried 26 and 24 ga Ti and didn’t care for it and gave up on Ti until seeing your Deep Water build.I still didn’t really buy into the DW until I seen several people saying how good the 22 was working.That gives me hope , Thank you for pointing that out!


Use 28 AWG since I have a lot left on my 10 meter
roll. 2.5mm with 6/5 wrap for around 1.1 or so ohms.
Works nice in my Kayfun/Russians.
Even got some 32 for when I dig out the Kayfun Mini V2.1 ES.


I use 316L 26g core and 36g outer wrap Fuse Clapton coils in just about everything, except in my M to L RTA’s Also could you do a POLL like this one on NIC Brands / Manufactures ? :sunglasses:


@Pro_Vapes when you posted the virtues of 22ga Ti wire I wasted no time getting some. Best decision I’ve made since switching to TC. Once I started using it all the gripes I had with Tc went away, and all the enjoyment I was after in vaping finally showed itself. So I’m always willing to try new things, but for now I’m happy as a pig in slop.

I’m going to be interested in hearing how you make out with the 22ga SS.


Tried getting some Ti wire, but I could only find shitty ones… at least that’s what I suspect. I noticed that my juice would darken while the coil got gunked up severely after only 2ml - and TC was way off, not really working. So I assume it’s just not pure Titanium wire.
I could buy US imported Ti, but you know, that’s not really cost effective. Might try UD Ti, though - anyone used that before? What are your thoughts?

So I mostly stick with Kanthal, 316L non TC for my single coil mechs though. For Claptons I do prefer N80, however.


My preferred wire is 22g tio1. Best I’ve used for flavour even fused Ti claptons.
316,316l,317l and 304 ss i use in wattage and tc but best flavour is from the ti.


I get overall best results from Ti 22g. With SS I prefer 24g over the 22g. For me, it seems a bit more stable in TC mode with the cuboid, Rx200 or istick tc 100w. Don’t have a DNA (but really want one) so I can’t say anything about that.


Just moving to the top of the forum.


I get the best results from using 24 or 26 ss 316L spaced in temp mode on the dna devices. But I don’t know what it is about the tfv4 I can never get it to work properly with a temp build in it.


I have recently switched to 316L as my wire instead of Ti Just because it is similar in flavor but so much easier to clean at time of re-wicking.


Thank you for the details, I am having the best results using the same.


And I never lock the resistance!!! The one time I tried I hit the fire button and the temp was showing 4 digits good this I didn’t have my mouth to it because that would have been hot lava scarey