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Poll - Resistance Wire... What's Your Preference?


Lately been using 3-wire twisted Nichrome 32g in power mode and loving it on the drippers. Still using Ti on the tanks though.


Same here, but with kanthal…use it in my Velocity mini w/ the Noisy Cricket (bypass mode) :grinning: Otherwise, I’m a SS 316L guy.


I got my 22g SS 316L a couple days ago. My initial build was 5/4 wraps 3mm ID. It ohmed out at .12 and it jumped around a bit… up to .16. Also it wouldn’t stay in TC mode. I did spin this wire on the drill to straighten it and I thought that might have been the problem. So I pulled the wick and was about try a new build when I figured check the screws… well they were a little loose. Once I tightened them and checked if TC would hold… it did. It’s now ohming out at .09… deep water. I wicked it slightly loose and it’s vaping nearly identical to the Ti deep water build.

Before I make my next comment, I want it understood that I’ve vaped Ti exclusively for the last 8 months, so I’m pretty sure what I’m detecting is true. I do get a very slight metallic taste from the SS that I don’t get from Ti. But it’s very minor and not offensive.

I rate Ti 10/10 and SS 316L same gauge, same build 9/10.

This is just my opinion and as we all know taste is subjective.


Thank you sir for this review.


304 Stainless because I have safety wire by the pound!


Very interesting. :yum:


I don’t touch Ti or Ni wire, was kanthal only until recently, and got some 25g 317L wire. Loving it. 11 wraps, 2.5mm, or 9 wraps 3mm gives me 0.3 ohm duals, I don’t like to go any lower than that.


bumping up


I ordered some SS for the first time yesterday. It’s only been kanthal for me since I started. Recieved a bunch of kanthal from my friend who paid it forward. Now I’m looking forward to trying the SS. I don’t do TC so no need for Ti or Ni.


I have some 22g Ti, kanthal even gauges from 24-30, and nichrome80 30g.
I haven’t had much luck with the Ti myself, just not a big fan of such low ohm and tc honestly… I prefer to stay between 0.3-0.6ohm so the 24g kanthal has been my main choice lately, tho more recently i have done a couple build with 3x twisted 30g nichrome80 with pretty satisfying results.
Ran out of prebuilt ss316 0.5ohm cubis coils for my AIO, so i decided to rebuild them and using 24g kanthal with 7 wraps works great in them. I dont have an rba for it, but the prebuilts are simple enough to redo so i havent bothered getting an rba yet… Once the rubber insulator gives out on them i will probably order a couple though.


Just found this website a few days ago, gotta say I love it over reddit… I have been using SS316 exclusively for the past 5 months and now I gotta go order some 22g. How much are you spacing the coils?



Eventually I will have to try this… Got 22g ss on the way now. Ill let you know how it is!


Sorry @Dan_ltz. I thought you were referring 22g Ti. I’m sure this will work with SS also. I actually space my coils according to the deck size. IME (in my experience) spacing doesn’t really matter as long as your wraps aren’t touching. It’s the number of wraps and coil ID that actually get you the ohmage you want. I’ll probably revisit SS since Evolv has updated the SS profile.


As do I, im To0nMaN over there but spend most of my time here and in chat.

I just placed an order for some more 316L, my wire of choice, and decided to check Temco again. 250ft 24g and 100ft 22g was 18 bucks delivered.

EDIT: BTW, welcome to ELR!


Ditto that, and all I use is 26g SS316L.


Finally got around to trying it, I like the 22g but I cannot get the build to work right in temp control mode. I am using a cuboid and the limitless rdta plus. I might have to try Ti soon. I know it works better is temp control… Flavor wise I cannot really tell a difference between it and claptons.


I don’t think contact coils is a problem at all with SS. In fact if it is then it’s completely escaping me as I’m using it on the SMOK TF-RTA G4. I figure if it was a problem then a quad coil would certainly show it quick fast and in a hurry. I’m getting a glorious vape in TC off this build and TC function from the new DNA200 firmware is amazing. Build is 4x 26ga 316L with 8 wraps and 2.5mm ID. I wind the coils on a jig and then dry burn/crimp before wicking. And just so you know it’s not a fluke, I have 3 of these identical set ups and all vape the same. FWIW.


I didn’t mean to imply there was a problem with SS contact coils. The distance between coils isn’t majorly important in a spaced coil. I think that’s all that was meant, at least that was the sentiment I meant to echo. A 5 wrap stretched out to 4 mm from leg to leg isn’t terribly different than a 5 wrap stretched out to 5 mm. I wouldn’t worry about having those on either side of a dual coil dripper for example. But I would expect issues if I had a spaced 5 wrap on one side and a contact 5 wrap on the other. Consistency is a bit more important with contact coils, isn’t that why you crimp them?


Decided to retry Ti wire again. I was cleaning it with alcohol prep pads and not really liking it. I tried cleaning it this time with steel wool (actually a brillo pad) then a really good rinse, followed by the prep pad and…wow! Uuuuuge difference in taste. Took about a 1/2 tank and the flavor just came shining thru. I used 24g dual spaced 0.15ohm in the Apache tank on a Cuboid,and 22g single spaced in the Bachelor tank on the Hohmwrecker G2. Both are outstanding.