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Poll - Resistance Wire... What's Your Preference?


I need to trt Ti again, I put duel 22 in my tsunami, but I didn’t really get on with tc mode and I didn’t like the look of the ‘flat’ grey Ti, I’ll try your method of cleaning it and have another crack :+1: thanks for the tip


I would suspect you are right. Never tried space on one side and contact on the other. But I think unless you’re jokingly different in spacing there would be no difference if your two spaced coils were slightly off from on another. As for crimping, I still do it out of habit I guess. But when I wind coils on a jig they’re usually pretty tight. I always wind one extra wrap so that the end of the wire that went through the little jig hole can be pulled off so I have a straight leg. And if you do that (don’t ask me why, i’s a mystery) you can usually fire and strum rather than pinch the coil. It just works is all I know. When all are firing the same, evenly, and from the center of the coil outward, bingo you’ve got it. If you haven’t tried strumming please do so. Just don’t even attempt on Ni or Ti because it’s only good if you get the coil to glow, which you want to avoid with those wires. I doubt I just told you anything you don’t know so that’s for everyone who doesn’t know :slight_smile:

Amazing isn’t it? Yes when you have clean Ti it’s the absolute sweetest hitting vape in all of TCdom. For nearly all of my tanks i use the 22ga Ti spaced build that @pro_vapes introduced us to. Been sticking with the SS in the TF-RTA G4 though because first, I can’t get 22ga to fit and haven’t been very wow’ed by 26ga, and second the configuration of that deck is such you can’t get much cleaning done. With the SS I can just dry burn the crud off the coils. Still want to try a quad 26ga Ti build though just to see. It may be worth rebuilding every few days. I’m glad to hear you discovered the joys of Ti though. It’s so good, and so consistent.


Actually, I think the credit goes to @SthrnMixer for the steel wool idea. I believe it was his post that I read instructing this. It makes a world of difference.


Yeah buddy! The Apache deck and juice wells are massive so you can build big. So is the Bachelor. I’ve got 3.8mm ID coils in them and that TI is kickin’ butt. I think you were the one to post about the steel wool cleaning, and it’s well worth taking the time to do so.


Yeah, that was me. I kept noticing residue left behind when using alcohol only. Then went to the plasticish (new word :slight_smile: ) scouring pads which did much better. But the steel wool is awesome. So glad you’re enjoying Ti. I can’t imagine anyone not liking a Ti TC vape if it’s set up right.


im new to this sub ohm thing …i have a rainbow spinner ego …and im thinking about upgradeing to a nono tarot which would be my first sub ohm … was wondering if its a good starter…it seems pretty easy for a newbie like me…


Yes, this would indeed be a good step toward more power and more advanced vaping. And if you do get this and fall in love with it, chances are you will want bigger and better eventually. So the question is…will you like it? If you don’t then the investment is really small. But just because you buy something capable of sub-ohm vaping doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. If you didn’t like it you could always use the mod for your other attys. And for those ego styled ones, a simple 510/ego adapter is all you need.