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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


Will have to try that!! :smile:

I’m wondering if you vape upwards of 50w? (Can’t recall offhand…) I’m beginning to think there may be a correlation between lower percentages and higher wattage. Much like there is a correlation between less flavor being needed for DL, and more for MTL.

I’ve used it at 2-3% without being dominant, though still forward… But that’s been along side other heavy flavors (so limited experience at best so far). Have thought about it with things like strawberry etc, but haven’t tried it yet. So definitely have to defer to those who have!


Good thought. I like around 1% at the very most and I’m a higher watt vaper.


There definitely is. I prefer to look at it as temperature since I’ve noticed that played out many times with a juice on TC where I’ll get one thing at a higher temperature and another at a lower. My Elderflower Lime recipe is a good example of that. In my recipe notes I mention “Lower temps tends to bring out more of the Elderflower while higher temps lean toward lime.” So yeah, I can imagine if you’re going with higher ohm, lower watt builds it’s likely that. I tend to build low ohms and vape usually between 100 - 150 watts.


thank you for the advice , ive mixed the other already , but will keep that in mind , i believe i got the 2pct from the elr notes i wasnt sure where to go with it but i was craving a butterscotch type vape


WOW thats a warm vape lol , do you ever use sub ohm tanks ??? or just rda/rdta


DUH. I don’t know why I didn’t make that correlation before. I had the observation about different flavors shining through at different Temps looooong ago. Though it was across a rather small range, 36-55w (at least what I imagined it would apply to).

It seemed like some some “burned” above a certain setting, and others didn’t even start to bloom until a certain level. I first noticed the latter with SF testing FLV boysenberry, as it started to come alive when I hit 45-50w.

And I build low (.18-.22 SS) for the quick ramp time, but lately I’m back in the 36-45w range again. I get all the heat I need (for the majority of my flavors) while only pushing about 12amps.

But yeah, I figured if I’m getting some burned flavors (rather often, and with different brands by comparison to what I’ve seen with the handful that seem to thrive on higher power) then the high power group (on average) almost has to be taking short bursts (inhale) as opposed to my 5-7s pulls. At least, that’s the only way I could see them not burning the flavor… I dunno though. Just my supposition, as much like when I smoked…I enjoy that long slow draw across the palate/olfactory as opposed to a “blast of Binaca” like a punch in the face! Rofl.


I don’t use any sub ohm tanks at all. If I were so inclined to vape from stock coil heads it would be something like the Aspire Nautilus believe it or not.

Not sure what you’re building but for the most part the smallest gauge wire I’m using is 24ga SS. So for most of my dual coil builds, 45 watts would take forever to reach what I feel is a vapable temperature - hence the high power. But with that is also around a 1 second draw. Binaca…lol I haven’t heard that word in a loooooong time :slight_smile:

Here’s one I mixed on Friday. Just two days and I already know this will be a winner for me. Might have to do some tweaking but for now it’s awesomeness. Gotta mix more so there will be some that has steeped.

Horchata Nog (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Condensed Milk (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.30
Custard (INAWERA) 3.00
Horchata (LA) 4.00
Milk (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.00
Vanilla Butternut (LA) 0.80

Flavor total: 9.1%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


Have you ever tried CAP Horchata? I’ve recently received it to use in a couple of Squonk’s recipes, but haven’t gotten into it yet.

I was wondering how it compares to the LA in your recipe.


I’ve had LA and TPAs Horchata Smooth. I didn’t care for TPA’s that much, although it wasn’t bad. Sorry I can’t help.


I will probably mix this one tonight, but saw this thread and thought it would be nice to bounce it off of anyone who would like to comment or advise. I haven’t tried the panettone before, so I’m hoping it does what I think it will do, with the dried fruits and candied orange dessert bread, Christmas kind of thing.


Not a fan of RFSC but love the MF , i understand your pg allergy prevents you from using a lot of flaves that are available , for what its worth im impressed with the things you have developed


Thanks, Fidalgo! That means a lot, man. I’m ok with the PG, though. Its my wife who can’t have it. I just restricted myself to using only ingredients that she can handle, just in case she likes something I make, then I just whip up a straight VG version without having to find subs and altering the profile.


Speaking of mf…have you tried their peach? I can’t seem to get it to pop like their other fruits. Percent advice would be great.


I haven’t used the MF peaches since I was just getting started and had little to no understsnding of how to set percentages. @fidalgo_vapes probably has a better answer for you.


white peach ???


Nope. Peach mf.


ive only tested the MF white peach sorry


I know what you’re saying about the MF Peach not poppin’ alone. This combo below is the best Peach I’ve tasted so far. Reminds me of a Juicy Yellow Peach. Very realistic IMO…

Peach (Flavorah) 2.00%
Peach (INAWERA) 1.50%
Peach (MF) 0.75%


funny :slight_smile: I am actually working on a similar custard base, but im using flavorah custard that I find pretty amazing!

My custard : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1943714/My+custard

2.00% Custard (INAWERA)
1.00% Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (TPA)
4.00% Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)
2.00% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 9%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/fyte

Way to find good recipes

Yeah they do look similar! Looks good. :+1:

That’s one that I still haven’t tried!