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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


Yea they’d be much better off not naming this ry4 at all really. I taste no ry4 at all. I cant even vape the ry4d TFA. It was a total turn off for me :frowning: yuk!


Not a lot here yet… I’m guessing it’s a fairly new flavor.




i have not mixed this yet , i just put it together and am hoping i could get some thoughts i have not used lime and i only have these 2 so those are new for me and the INW custard and the RFSC GC are new as well , this is not in " fix my mix " because i havent mixed yet so any thoughts would be welcome , and TIA

i am hoping the lime kind of sits in the middle

note : another option is to drop the FA meringue for FA cream whipped ???

note changed the custard to 1 pct from 2

ok this is the final ty @woftam @Pro_Vapes and @Chrispdx for the insight its too late to mix but tmrw ill use this as my V1


This recipe is marked as private


one min please


are we good now ??


Hmmmm. I would be interested on how custard inw plays here at 2%? May be too high and may take the high notes from the lime.

I would recommend doing a side by side with a small 0.5% to 1% custard inw. Or even swapping for custard fa at 2%

Love the concept though huh for sure. And condensed milk. Yum


ty ill try it at 1pct , i did think about the FA custard bc of the lemon note but really wanted to use the InW lol because i never have , the condensed milk is because a lot of the real recipes online call for it so i figured i shld go that route as well


Shit. Time for bed. Uggg. Inw does take things over quick. 2-3 percent inw can be like using 6-8 VC cap. Great some places. And yes I love custard inw. All my other custards sit and do nothing now that I have inw.

Except for custard fa when I want to sneak it in as a pdduing note or vc cap v2 for my strawberry custard.


goodnight and ty


any thoughts ??? b4 i get to mixing


For some reason my reply would not save, it was just gray… Bad Gateway. So I managed to catch a screenshot.


i was speaking with @woftam earlier about the RfsC CM and its pct , and he highly recommended the FLV lime as well , but im not sure about lime yet so ill use what i have and got on sale lol , ty anyway what about the switch from FA meringue to FA cream whipped


You already know… Cream Whipped all the way… I’d love to see you with Frosting FLV… Like @VapeyMama said about FA Butter…



its on my list along with Cap lemon lime and a few others ive seen you use a lot


After letting my cookie recipe rest for a cpl days. Theres a really fantastic creamy chocolate flavor! The holy holy grail is more of a sweet chocolate slightly caramel n vanilla. Def not tasting tobacco! Update:The chocolate goes away with steep


I love INW custard but haven’t mixed it with any fruits yet, I use it more for darker flavors like butterscotch custard or custards with bourbon:)


This is a spin-off from my failed Oatmeal RY4. I did get some good notes from the OMC, caramel and vanilla combo. Hopefully there will be enough vanilla from the frosting to mimic the nilla note I got from the OM RY4.



Well it’s not much of a sneak peak into my private stash, because if it steeps as it should over the next three weeks of testing then it’s done and I will make it public!! Mix if you dare, this is 100% a candy vape, with all the sugar to match! This is my go-to when I need a break from custards and bakeries.


Lol!! You’re not kidding!
Even with no flavors at all 1.5% Cap super sweet would likely be diabetic shock for many!

Bold Fishy! Bold indeed! :wink: