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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


I thought the same thing at 1st… Then I did a dbl take…


Derp how did i miss that lol. Cheers


Thank You @woftam Oba-Oba is a FA Concentrate. Richard Hong was okay with using other manufacturers Concentrates :white_check_mark:


congrats what a cool thing to win


Thank You, It really is awesome


Wow Mark!! That’s effin’ AWESOME man!! Congratulations! :tada:


It is a bit scary that the only two flavours I can see on your photo I do not have in my stash are Violet and Truffle, which I thought was not vape safe ( but could go well with TFA Pizza, I guess )


IKR!?! It’s crazy! Thank You @Sprkslfly :raised_hand:


Pomegranate Poinsettia

Ingredient %
Champagne (INAWERA) 1.50
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.25
Pomegranate Deluxe (TPA) 3.00
Royal Orange Juice (FA) 2.50

Flavor total: 7.25%

A simple but really tasty (if I may say so myself) drinks mix inspired by this real life recipe

Apricot Punch

Ingredient %
Armenia (Apricot) (FA) 1.50
Brandy (INAWERA) 1.00
Champagne (INAWERA) 0.75
Punch Shisha (INAWERA) 0.33

Flavor total: 3.58%

I have these two spice mixes Punch and Chai from Inawera, and I have been trying to use them as more than just a support flavour, but instead as a primary or secondary flavour. I think I managed to achieve this here, the apricot is the primary and the punch the secondary flavour, and personally I quite like it.

Chai Rum

Ingredient %
Chai Shisha (INAWERA) 1.00
Coconut (FA) 0.75
Rom (Bolsjehuset) 4.50
Royal Orange Juice (FA) 0.75
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 1.00

Flavor total: 8%

Not quite so sure about this one. My initial test shows some promise, but I think I need to vape it for a while to see if it is a keeper or not.
I could of course also just make some chai tea like everybody else, but that is boring.


How is the chai? Accurate to real chai tea spice?


Couple Idea’s I’ve been working on lately, all are still WIP tho…

:two_hearts: Mediterranean * Delight :two_hearts: *

Ingredient %
Angel Cake (SC) (WF) 2.00
Condensed Milk (Purilum) 1.00
Marzipan (FA) 1.00
Marzipan (INAWERA) 0.15
Pound cake (DIYFS) 4.00
Torrone (Nougat) (FA) 0.25
Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah) 0.38

:tongue: Cookie Monster’s Medley :tongue:

Ingredient %
Cookie (DIYFS) 3.50
Cookies and Cream (VTA) 1.50
French Vanilla Ice Cream (HS) 0.35
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 5.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 2.50
Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah) 0.50

:stars: Choc :star: Mint :stars:

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 1.00
Creamy Sponge Cake (FW) 4.00
Creme de Menthe (FW) 2.50
Joy (FA) 0.15
Lava Cake (LB) 5.00

:low_brightness: Summer Quickie :low_brightness:

Ingredient %
Ace (Pazzo) (FA) 3.50
Fizzy Sherbet (VTA) 1.00
Sour (TPA) 0.25

Sour can be swapped with any kind of sweetener or sometimes I swap it with WS23 or Polar Blast, percentages need to be adjusted accordingly .

:revolving_hearts: LateNight Snack :revolving_hearts:

Ingredient %
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 0.50
Meringue (FA) 0.50
Pound cake (DIYFS) 4.00
Vanilla Raspberry (DIYFS) 1.75
White Chocolate Base (VTA) 0.75

:leaves::cherry_blossom::leaves: CorBliss v*5.38 :leaves::cherry_blossom::leaves:

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 1.00
Cinnamon Sugar (SilverLine) (CAP) 2.00
Coconut Custard (SC) (WF) 3.00
Coconut Milk (LB) 1.25
Rice Base (VTA) 0.45
Smooth (TPA) 0.20


He he… I have to confess that I have never tasted real chai tea :pensive:
So I haven’t got a clue how accurated it is. I can however tell you that I quite like it, and it does taste like an actual spice blend.


This mix is only a concept at this stage.

From viewing several Coconut Macaroon recipes, they mostly contain Coconut, Vanilla or Almond, Egg Whites and Sugar baked to a crisp golden brown.

Coconut, Vanilla and Almond is a given, but recreating that baked golden brown mean I need other flavors to achieve this effect.

The Pound Cake FLV has a mid and edge of the cake taste IMO. And the Cookie FLV is the crunch. Hopefully the 2 flavors will give a browning effect to this mix at low %

The Frosting FLV will supply the sugar and vanilla to round out this recipe… Wish Me Luck!.

EDIT… I forgot to mention the Italian Cream HS… It’ll soften everything a bit and add a little extra mouthfeel.


Pffbbt. You’ll have this knocked out in pretty short order I imagine! :wink:


It’ll be great if it was that easy.


Never said it was easy! :wink:
Just that I’ve got faith, and I know you’ve usually got a great palette!


I whipped this up this morning… The finger taste is promising… I’m definitely in the ballpark.


I’ll be mixing this up today. This will be my 1st mix with BB FW. I’ve heard good things about BB FW (@Amy2) and I hope pairing it with BB MF will give me that solid BB top note for this mix.


I hope this works for you ! BB MF is not for me but BB FW I adore crazy how that goes right ! The MF BB is too wild too potent even at 1drop per 15 or 30 it didn’t work for me. I think the addition of cream milky and Italian cream will help create a nice cushion for the blueberries to meld into. Any chance you put pyrue in the recipe ? I have found that both of those BB’s are more realistic than sweet. I’ll have to listen out for your review on it. It sounds really wonderful.

I know a really good blueberry I like is an actual blend by OSDIYS http://www.onestopdiyshop.com/category-s/176.htm
It’s a milky creamy blueberry with a cookie background very similar in regards to your mix. I just am not a fan of MF BB :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m glad you chimed in. Your wisdom is appreciated and sorely missed… I’ve put BB OSDIYS on my list… While you’re here can you add any more OSDIYS so I can maximize my shipping cost? … Thanks @Amy2 !


PYURE is something I’d routinely add to MF Fruits, but they changed the Formula. The new formula doesn’t have that pop like the old one. I’m working on a clone, but it’s still inconclusive. Here’s a peek…