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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1



It’s really a crazy time for DIY mixing when I look at a mix and think 1.25% is too much. So much evolution in the flavor industry. Your mix looks scrumptious, but I couldn’t help but notice that some of your usage %s being just a little high.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t comment, but this is a WIPs thread and I hope I’m being helpful and I don’t mean anything negative. After all DIY is all about you and your taste. So if I’m out of line just ignore me.

The link below was posted a little while ago and I find it very useful… especially for some of the newer Flavorah flavors which are super potent. It’s actually a guide for me at this point and I hope it’ll be useful to you also…


Will we ever thank you enough… couldn’t get round those FLV, with SF testing I started at 5 and I was way off… went down @2 and still not there… I nearly gave up, now I know why! BB e.g. has to go down to 1%.

Thank you again! @Pro_Vapes


your so right @Pro_Vapes, and I have that same chart in my index drop down box, I wish I would have used it, but I was going by my last attempt with that flavor with my apple pudding recipe, and i used to much there, so thats why i came up with that % , but still as I vape it now 2 days in I can tell it can go down to .75-1.00 %, next batch will be .75% and granola .50-1.00%, . Thanks for the reminder, I did forget about that chart, and I do appreciate and respect your advice. I also have some other FLV. flavors I have used that need to be toned down. So glad you reminded of that chart.


BTDT (been there done that)… I think it was @woftam that brought me to the attention of the super low FLV usage %s. I’m just happy to pass it on.


I can add at least one their Pink milkshake not 100% sure if that’s it true name and their blue raspberry slushee from them !

Happy 4th of July @Pro_Vapes and everybody on this side of the pond :heart:


This a WIP and is not yet mixed. It’s in the concept phase and any comments are appreciated…

I came up with this version from a adaptation of…

I really like the profile and love SB Pop Tarts, but I need to adapt this for the flavors I have and prefer.

My thoughts on my version…

1.20% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) * 1.30% Croissant (VTA) * … I’m thinking the Cookie will add a browning/crunch effect and flatten the layered Croissant into a heavy crust. FA Apple will probably do, but it’ll add a very slight apple note, but I hope to make this as spot on as possible, so the AP FA is a no go.

Frosting (Flavorah)… Just as it reads… There is a bit of Vanilla from this flavor also, IMO it will only help the overall profile.

Strawberry New (Flavor Base) GMIX… This is the SB profile that just delivers for me. SB is kinda different for most mixers. It’ll be nice if someone created universal sb, but until then this is my go to. Maybe add a drop or two of FA Honey to jam this up a bit.

Italian Cream (Hangsen)… This is the glue… It’ll pull this mix together, add some mouthfeel, and soften any tough notes.

Just a little insight into my madness.


I wish you a very happy 4th also and all the ELR Fam!


they look great @Pro_Vapes, I’m getting my VTA’s tomorrow , croissant is one of them, excited to use that one. There is not many flavor notes on VTA’s, just going by other recipes. I want to make your SB Pop Tarts, but I don’t have Hangsen Italian cream.


this is the closest pop tart I’ve tasted, just made some up last night, hope all is well


ball park, cracker jackers… I get the inside baseball pastime joke


dang that’s aweseome. how do you find out about contests like this?


Coconut Custard

Coconut Custard (SC) (WF) 3.5% - to get it popping it needs to be high, some notes even suggests it as high as 4-6.
Sweet Coconut (FLV) 0.5% - to accent / contribute to the fleshy coconut in WF’s sc.
Cotton Candy / EM 10% (TPA) 1% - to ruin my coils (j/k)
French Vanilla v1 (CAP) 2% - Wanted some vanilla in my custard.
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 4% - We all know this badboy.
Whipped Cream (FLV) 0.5% - Just for the fluff.

11.5% total flavour.

I always mix my juices at as high VG as possible…

Hoping this will turn out a thick custard with hopefully no shampooey coconut. If this turns out the way I want it, I’m not far off making something simmilar to what the french call “flan de coco” - just need the pie crust added to round it off.


This one, I just happen to be friends with a couple of the other DIY mixers that are familiar with and use FlavourArt products. Including being FB friends with Richard Hong who is the head of FlavourArt North America.


1 Day steep…

I very seldom try a mix after a day. I know it has yet to settle into it’s final state… but I can’t stop finger tasting this mix, so I gave it a 1 day test vape.

I’m finding this mix to be very, very close to Cracker Jacks. I can tell it’s not ready yet, because it still have a sharp note to it that’ll probably steep out, but it is very impressive right now.

I’m getting some Beer Nuts from this mix, but it’s more subtle than I hoped for. The rest of this mix is pretty much what I hoped for.

One hour later…

I’m a half tank into my first vape test and I can tell the Popcorn is too high… @ .5% is to high? sounds crazy but it is.

I’m already thinking about a v2 and lowering the Popcorn to .3% and increasing the Beer Nuts to .25%. I’ll let this steep more to see how it settles. But even with these flaws this mix is still hard to put down because it’s so close to the actual CJs.

@SmokyBlue is onto something with her notes about the FLVs and it’s super concentrations. Thanks for your insight. You’re going to cost me a lot of work because I need to revisit so many FLVs in my stash.


I believe it should be her :grinning:


oops /10 char


Lol. You broke the rule. An hour later. Hahahah. Popcorn 0.5 may be a bit high but just like with everything…see how it ages into the mix. I think my latest tester only had 0.3, but I mixed with corn fa and kettle corn tpa.


I couldn’t help it… I was about to start drinking my tester…:crazy_face:


I am a her, last time I checked :blush: lol…

Ok… with what you have here, if you’d like my opinion. if not, just ignore me.
I do not have anything of Walts… so I can not comment on that part…
MF I do have a lot! of experience with it; however the flavors that I want to shed some incite to are the flv’s, as usual!

I will insert spiel here: try flavors always! as solos, from smallest by using, yes drops. 1 drop = .02 g/.02ml in 10ml bottles at first. Mark where you can taste the flavor in particular, mark again where you really enjoy the flavor at, and then look for where that flavor will do 3 things: mute out, chem trail out, or it becomes so obnoxious to you you can not stand it. I suggest for you to do this every 3 months as your body does change and that makes your flavors change too. :wink:

On to the FLV flavors you have used:

Beer Nuts… is super incredibly wonderful, used the right way. I rarely take BN over 6 drops or .12g/.12ml as it will take over a recipe. It’s still one of the best flavors I like to play with. Beautifully done and it’s friends with… Granola cookie and cookie dough!
Not sure if you did not have flv’s toffee, but if you can peg it correct, it is just like the toffee that is pulled… just placed into a pretty paper and marked toffee. It has that background of molasses and the blends of browned sugar and different hints of nuts. Totally yummy and a big must have! My usage is right is between 2 drops and 12 drops in 30ml.
I’d have gone with the caramel but added in butterscotch too but keep them both super light as you do not want it to overpower the toffee effect.
Frosting is sooo yummy… it to me is like the classic filling your Grandmother would make with cream cheese, but yet it isn’t twangy, and you can actually catch a mouth feel of sweetness lingering in your mouth and on your lips… again, peg it right! usage for me is between 2-15 drops in 30ml, depending on the effects I want from it. It can be a universal flavor, depending on how you use it.
Popcorn… now this one… yeah… Popcorn… usage rate for me on it is the same as frosting. It is not really a good solo player, and benefits from… apbeer nuts and bn’s friend granola! It carries the buttery effect well it can also loose the popcorn effect by using too much toffee, caramel and butterscotch but with it’s friends in support, can be one of the best damn popcorn’s I have ever tasted.

Your recipe, @Pro_Vapes… by glancing… looks alright… please do not think I am knocking you. People here and there take me so wrong at times, it really is sickening and makes me not want to help anyone any longer… so know I only have good intentions when I tell you, when I mix a recipe with a goal in mind… I make so many different variations and plays off each flavor ingredient, to get a feel for how they will lay…

I do have a Cracker Jack-ish recipe I have not released and I will try hard to only give tips here because of that and I can give you a demo type that will help you see/taste a bit better and you tell me what you think, if you’d like…

How I would do this with this one recipe:
I’d set the drops per ml to 50 < that matters!

I’d go:
ap 5% 3 drops
Beer Nuts 3 drops
Butterscotch 3 drops
Caramel 3 drops
Frosting 9 drops
Popcorn 12 drops
Smooth Vanilla 1 drops
Toffee 6 drops
If I wanted to really mimic the OG CJ, I’d use 6-9 drops of Peanut Butter, depending on how nutty I want it to stand out… and last… 2 drops of Lime to break things down and make it all blend together. If you want to capture the fair ground type caramel corn, try 1-3 drops per 30ml of Granola!

If you have the flavors and want to experiment… I’d love to hear what you have to say on it… :slight_smile:

and thank you @woftam :slight_smile: