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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


and… sorry for making you spend more… but they are like Lay’s chips… one just can not stop at just one!
Be like the pokemon master, and collect them all! :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue:


No need to apologize… Luckily I’ve been on FLVs list for free samples for about 2 years. I probably have about 75% of their entire flavor line, but I feel I have misjudged some of the usage %s. For that reason I’ll be retesting quite a few of them. Thanks again for your insight. It’s really helped me and others a lot.


I hope it does help, as I like to see people learn new ideas, things and ways.
So far this hasn’t let me down, it works for all flavor brands, not just flv… but it really has helped me and I wanted to pass what I know on to the community! :slight_smile:

Having fun and enjoying good tastes should always be #1, no matter if one does it my way or another. :wink:


:convenience_store: Energy Donut :convenience_store:

Ingredient %
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) 1.00
Smooth Cappuccino Cream (WF) 1.00
Sweet Cream (VTA) 1.50
wOw (FA) 2.00
Zeppola (FA) 2.00

:leaves::hibiscus::leaves: Jasmine Rice Pudding :leaves::hibiscus::leaves:

Ingredient %
Cream (Milky Undertone) (PG) (OOO) 1.00
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.00
Dulce de Leche (FW) 2.00
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) 0.35
Jasmine (FA) 0.50
Rice Base (VTA) 0.65

:lollipop: Girl Time :lollipop:

Ingredient %
Booster (Tiramisu) (FA) 0.50
Butterscotch (FA) 0.35
Caramel (Salted) 0.50
Smooth Cappuccino Cream (WF) 1.00
Vanilla Cream (INAWERA) 1.50
Vanilla Cream Extra (SC) (WF) 1.50

:cherry_blossom: White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake :blossom:

Ingredient %
Bilberry (FA) 0.50
Blueberry (FW) 2.50
Crispy Wafer (SC) (WF) 2.40
Custard Premium (FA) 0.75
English Marmalade (VTA) 0.50
Vanilla Custard Cheesecake (OOO) 3.00
White Chocolate (FW) 1.50
White Chocolate Base (VTA) 2.35

:milky_way: Night Sky Theory :milky_way:

Ingredient %
Cucumber (FA) 0.50
Honeysuckle (TPA) 0.75
Melon Cantaloupe (FA) 1.50
Menthol (One Drop Flavors) 0.35
Wild Melon (Flavorah) 0.70


I thought that said Crispy Water, and I was about to ask a few odd questions…


That would be… Ice? Lol



That would be a flavor I’ll be picking up right after it’s released :wink:


This one might be a far reach, but I’m going for it… Hopefully I’ll land somewhere close to what I’m shooting for.

EDIT I mixed it up… finger tasted and I definitely got a soft landing. The Vape Gods have been very kind to me lately. That Yam FLV and Pumpkin Spice FLV combo is brilliant. Now for the steep!


Worth experimenting but found the croissant gets over powered by fruits just imo


Got that one on to-do list, got everything but the RF brown sugar, but I can sneak something in there !! Looks absolute great :+1:

EDIT: oh well I haven’t got the walnut and vanilla MF !!!


this turned out good to me, I posted on one FB forums, someone said VTA honeycomb smells like cat pee, I don’t smell it, but I have no J. Jarvis nose, and my nose was abused and used in my younger days !!!


I’m working on 1 new mix and 2 others I hope to improve…

Pear flavor seems to be mostly used to moisten or boost other fruit flavors, but I’m attempting a mix with a Pear top note…

I don’t have a really solid nutty mix so I’m taking swing at a v2 of Chic-O-Stick. The v1 is ok, but I think I can greatly improve it with this v2…

And lastly I’m revamping this Peach Cobbler. The v1 is very good, but It’s profile is a little too much in-yo-face. I’m subbing out a flavor or 2 and dialing back the overall flavor %s…

Any comments are very welcomed.


Beer Nuts ??? what does this flavor taste like to you ?


I’ve been seeing this a lot recently! Curious myself. The product of the same name is sweet & salty peanuts. I see ProV is typing, sitting tight!


I think Chachi Vapes pretty much sums up this flavor in his/her notes over on the flavors page. I’m still in my early tests and I really haven’t formed a solid opinion yet.

I used it in my Cracker Jacks recipe @ .25% IIRC and it was pleasantly nutty with no off flavors, but it did come off a bit mild, so I doubled my usage for the Chick-O-Stick because I want it to be salty with a good nut forward profile.


I have been seriously over-thinking the Piña Colada! This is freshly mixed and already better than any complex mix I’ve tried. Steep will tell, of course.

Edit: if I find a decent Rum, a dash would be nice to complete the profile.


I recently made one myself, but I’ve only done a FT so far…


That looks smooth! I was going for ridiculously bare-bones basic, and a good way to test-drive the Cream Milky (VG) as there are only notes on the PG version. SF testing creams is just weird. I’m assuming it should need a bit higher % with the VG, but I could be completely wrong!


Curious if you’re Banana is in there as a Banana or to enhance other flavors.


It was actually a mistake. I built this recipe from this picture and I thought that slice of pineapple in the background was a banana so I added it. If it works out I’ll probably change the name to Pinana Colada.