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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


ive always like chachi vapes flavor notes


holy crap i think i have out done my self on this one possibly a perfect strawberry doughnut i will be devastated if this falls apart in a few weeks


Working on this. FR Ripe Banana is really terrific so i love figuring ways to work with it. Its very strong so i would hope it doesnt overtake the banana nut bread. I was thinking maybe the cap van cupcake would work ok with the banana nut bread. Was gonna try with Wf Angelcake instead but i just got it yesterday and dont know it yet, but maybe will try a version with that next. Bnb usually has walnuts, at least from my experience, and i dont taste that much in tfa bnb. Im not to sure how FA walnut will work, havent really heard much about it except that its weak. Hence the 2% usage. Any suggestions appreciated. The fr ripe banana, tfa bnb, and the mf dark chocolate are the main ones im trying to see together


So my love story with strawberry rhubarb pie goes way back so this was a profile i have been trying to achieve for a long time. Inawera’s rhubarb… where to start. This thing can probably make you blind at more than 3% so it is of advice to use it low % and my rhubarb flavor was probably a little vented as it was a tad old still at 0.4% is there quite bright in a 20% mix !!! And in the middle of this a big 4% of Flavorah’s Raspberry!! Why? This is my new ketone provider for the Grape-Pineapple-Strawberry love triangle.Whenever one is in need of a boost Flv Raspberry is a realy subtle flavor but with all the ketones i need. In all beware of Inw Rhubarb its an amazing flavor but really potent one. This is the best i have done so far.
Edit: Oh yeah and its a coil destroyer with that sweetener mmm delicious


thats a metric shit tonne of sweetener yu have there, can yu taste anything else in the recipe brother…wow


I have been working on a very similar recipe. Different cake/cookie parts but also with a combination of Rhubarb, Strawberry & Raspberry and a ton of sweetener - Rhubarb needs a ton of sweetener :wink:


Anyone have any suggestions? This is my very first DIY recipe and i think it needs some adjustments and some tweaks!
Mixing at 40/60 pg/vg @ 1mg Nic
Im tasting a faint vanilla ice cream on the inhale and a mouthful of nuts and faint almond aftertaste.
I’m trying for a creamy almond flavored ice cream. To me its not a bad start but not quite where i want it. It’s a WIP for sure.
Was thinking of bumping up the Ice cream and maybe dropping the toasted almond but not sure.
I mixed this 3 days ago and tested it today for the first time. Going to let it age for a few more days and try it again.
My nephew got a bottle of the original and was telling me about how good it was. I haven’t tried the original but it sounded like a good combination.

Southern Brew Remix

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 1.00
Nut Mix (FA) 0.50
Toasted Almond (TPA) 2.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 6.00

Flavor total: 9.5%

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Hey mate got no idea what it would even remotely tast like as i only have one flv and lb icecream in the mail but i am thinking 6% is pretty high so maby back it up with another cream or vanilla cream just my way of thinking good luck


For anyone who is familiar with these (or some of these) ingredients, does it look like any %%'s are skewed too low or high?

Caramel Corn

0.40% Brown Sugar (FW)
0.45% Caramel (MF)
1.75% Kettle Corn (TPA)
0.80% Salted Caramel (FW)
1.00% Vanilla (MF)

Flavor total: 4.4%


kettle corn is pretty weak to me …


I would try reducing the vic to 3-4%, and either drop the toasted almond altogether or reduce it down to 1% or less. My guess would be that the combo of the nut mix and toasted almond are giving you that generic nut flavor and it’s overpowering the fa almond. You might want to try reducing the nut mix down to around .25% just to give the almond a boost without adding too much of the other nuts, too. All of those tweaks should allow that almond flavor to shine through a little bit more! Another thing is that while lb vic is pretty tasty right away, it really does get much better after at least three weeks. I’ve never used it that high, I think 4% is as high as I’ve ever gone with it and that’s more than enough for my tastes (and I love super strong flavors). I would imagine that going as high as 6% might start to mute it out as well as bury the other flavors.


Same here. @Phil_Fish I’d push that up to at least 3% and maybe add in a little ap.


Thanks. As for AP, I’d probably not like that unless it is VERY little, like 0.1% or so. That stuff is good but I get that Frito vibe if I get crazy with it.


But Frito = corn = popcorn… Maybe? Lol if you taste Fritos from it I’d think it would probably fit nicely into the recipe! You could always start with like 1 drop per 20ml or so, just to see where it takes you. Or, you know, just bump that kettle corn up. :wink: Either way, I’d definitely raise the kettle corn %. :slight_smile:


Kinda what I was thinking also.


After vaping this one ill probably drop down the brown sugar and the rhubarb, .05% and .1%-.2% . Going to up the pound cake to 1.5%. Thinking of making two batches, one using banana nut bread TPA as the cake base.

At first it has an odd flavor because the rhubarb is very upfront. I took a few tokes and then put it down. I was going to rewick and test another but just as i was about to pop the top off my RDA i decided to take another toke or 4. Im still vaping it an hour later, gonna finish the bottle.


Rhubarb Bread v2

0.10% Brown Sugar (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.50% Eggnog (Flavorah)
0.20% Golden Butter (CAP)
0.25% Italian Cream (Hangsen)
1.50% Pound Cake (Flavorah)
0.40% Rhubarb YC (INAWERA)
0.05% Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA)

Flavor total: 3%

The spices in the eggnog were pretty much non existent so im hoping the lower rhubarb % will allow the spices to come out, just a bit.


Awesome, Thanks for the advice. Will mix a V2 and make those changes! Don’t want to lose the toasted almond taste but will reduce the %'s a good bit!


@Pro_Vapes You too mentioned dropping the toasted almond here. I noticed in your flavor notes that you had promising results with oak wood FA and Black fire FA? I haven’t tested the oak wood yet but I did do some tests with black fire. I would imagine using a drop or drops per ml. I would really enjoy reading your thoughts on these two!


I haven’t used those 2 in quite some time. Back when I used them I was mixing them with tobacco recipes. I’ve seen some mixers using them for a toasted smoky note in mixes, but I haven’t tried using them that way.


After a quick mix and finger test i might need to go lower on the fruits, just a bit. Gonna be a couple months before i vape test it. Hopefully the cookies will hold up.

Black Cherry and White Peach Crumble

0.45% Black Cherry (MF)
0.05% Brown Sugar (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.03% Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)
1.25% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
0.25% Sun Cookie (Flavorah)
0.10% Vanilla (MF)
0.60% White Peach (MF)

Flavor total: 2.73%

I used the Sun Cookie for its light lemon note, i was also thinking that i could up the Sugar Cookie CAP and add 1 drop Lemon (MF)/15ml instead of the Sun Cookie. In case Sun Cookie doesnt work out.