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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


white wine! this gets weirder and less workable. Sure he wasn’t drinking Mohito on acid? :laughing:


White sangria tastes nice :slight_smile:


Here is the recipe! just add cucumber and mint! :grinning:


yeah. simple. :laughing: mint and cuke, i have. it’s where the heck to get workable PG-free white wine that’s bugging me (MF sauvignon blanc is delicious but scorches too easily, And i need to save mucho dosh for the alternatives I have in mind) ) I think i’ll pass after all .


Not to be sad, there’s the hint of White Cherry MF mixers with Chocolate MF, with some luck you get a “Mon Chéri” :grin:


I don’t know anything about pg free aromas but maybe there is a champagne one? Maybe someone tried to make a white wine tasting vape with sepetrate ingredients like white grapes and sour or something? I don’t know, just trying to help :slight_smile:


thanks but if it was normal red sangria, i could have done this easily with ingredients already in my stash. it now invilves an ingredient that i hope to get in the future, I’m just not that interested that i want to expedite my (rather costly) future plans for it. i’ll just stick to vaping the red stuff :slight_smile:

ooh! now there;s an idea. what % of luck ? and do you know any vendors who sell it? :crazy_face:

But, back on topic,I really , really want to make Butterbeer!

Here’s my draught recipe. The KH % is pretty huge cos KH are really weak . That would be about 50% recommended usage .


Butter Rum (KH) 10.00%
Butterscotch (MF) 0.70%
Cream Soda (SC) (Real Flavors)1.25 %
Sweet Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.50
Vanilla Ice Cream (SC) (Real Flavors)1.50

Any comments? does the rest of it sound about right?


My new adventure started today , this has been on my mind for awhile . This recipe is a WIP and i do plan on using these 4 flavors and potentially adding to the ICe cream base , but first i need to get these percentages right , straight off the mixer the pistachio is faint with a subtle touch of cherry NO chocolate notes , but i didnt expect any so next test one week … very promising though