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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


Anyone here enjoy vaping and console gaming as an activity to wind down and relax? If so what are you currently playing?


I’m currently halfway through Uncharted 4. I don’t play online really but do enjoy some time with the PS4.I do vape while there are cut scenes lol. How about yourself?


NBA 2k17, Overwatch, and Pokemon sun( I know its not ps4 but its still fun)


Currently, Final fantasy 14, Overwatch are to games heavily played by members of our team


Vaping during cutscenes is the best lol!


Lol I’m an XB1 gamer myself. Always have to have the vape durring cut scenes and right before fights lol sometimes I have to pause the game and take a couple of puffs. I’m currently playing final fantasy 15


Still very much addicted to GTA Online, had to restart a few weeks ago after switching from PS3 to PS4 and the character transfer apparently didn’t work. Just got my first custom appartement, now grinding for some cars.

Wife bought Deadpool and Mortal Kombat X for Xmas, which is proving to be fun. She kicks my butt in MK:X, I vape in between fights, she gets annoyed and kicks my butt harder… Good times.


How do you like it so far?


It’s a pretty sweet game so far I just started playing it graphics are awesome I only have about 3 hours logged since I’m travelling this weekend to see family but will be back on it tomorrow night when I get home and the kids in bed lol


hows deadpool?


It’s not bad, funny dialogs and a bit of hack’n’slash gameplay. Could be better though, but it’s worth a playthrough.


hmm… for it only being about $25 dont see why i shouldnt try it haha


I am waiting for that new resident evil to come out for VR~~


ps4 i play tom clancy rainbow six siege and black ops 3

PSN: xtry_again_kidx


How’s the multiplayer aspect of Siege? is it like the older style like Rainbow Six: Vegas?


BTW since we are all PS4 gamers who vape I will post the monthly free games here as well


I never played old style but I love this game I play it a lot they just came out with another season with new maps an operators


Man i should totally check in to gta, its been too long, i got 2 garages full of top class cars, used to LOVE racing on there :ok_hand:


A lot has changed recently, it’s definitely worth having a look. I just enjoyed the everliving crap out of the xmas update, snow everywhere and lots of drifting! :smiley:


nice! I’m kinda waiting for that new Ghost recon to come out as well. the openworld one where you take on the Cartel…