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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


There’s been a TON of awesome updates…after being the driver for our stint at ECC this year when I got home I re downloaded it since i felt I was driving in GTA while in LA lol


I am currently playing, Diablo 3, Skyrim (Modded of course), Dark Souls 3, Fallout 4, and am going to start up soon Dying Light Enhanced Edition and Dark Dungeon. Just a few titles I play. I am looking forward to God of War. Love that series.


I also need to finish the Witcher 3. One of my faves. Somehow lost all my saves on that and have to start again.


Fallout 4 is so great , but it took up too much drive space for now. How is the gameplay with the new console mods add -on?


They are not the best add ons in my opinion. Fallout 3 did it better. Now the Witcher 3 has some awesome content and stories. I really need to finish that game. I also dabble in ESO a little bit. I am a sucker for Bethesda games.


Do I need to start up a XB1 thread or an I welcomed here lol :wink:


LOL not at all! we are just discussing games we play while we vape! What are you playing currently


It’s okay you are welcome. Only if you concede the fact that PS4 is better than XB1.



Lol @ecigexpress I’m playing final fantasy15 atm… I also need to go back to witcher 3and finish that game such an awesome story line lol @Skullblade789 I’m sorry I could never ever say that lol I used to have a ps3 and xb360… The ps3 died with very little use and the xb360 kept going lol


FF15 is nice. what chapter are you on?


What’s the free XBOX GOLD games this month?


Still on chapter 1 lol I am trying to do all the hunts and side quests I can my character is on level7 and my next story mission is level2


Games with gold this month…


Make sure to get your upgradeable weapons before chapter 8
Drain Lance
Engine Blade
Absorb Shield
Force Shield

All can be upgrade by CID after you get the initial ones and will help as you progress through the game… dont throw away or sell the item metal scrap or rusted bit as you will need them for the quests to upgrade.


So the Witcher 3 is really good eh?


Oooohhhhh you are missing out on a great story. I live the side missions too. Everything seems like it has meaning. Even the side missions. I love it.


OH Yea it is an awesome game!! I agree with @Skullblade789 great story line and even the side missions have meaning.


@ecigexpress thanks for renaming the thread lol such a nice person


Wasnt me but I agree its a good move. more inclusive …(plus i have a XB1) as well lol … looks like the Witcher 3 is going on it.

I wonder if Xbox will get VR support?


Oh and your in game choices matter so much. Also to freely go where you want is awesome. If you are low level you can find your self in a pickle. I also love that when you concoct a potion or oil, it has meaning as well and you have to think before you attack something. It is a brilliant game.