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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


well who ever renamed it Thanks lol


You guys VR is pretty rad (I
have PSVR). Imagine vaping on the moon or while watching sitting in a field with lions in Africa or The mountains of Norway… Vaping kinda makes it a “4D” experience. definitely worth looking into.


My pleasure


Guilty Pleasure: Zen Pinball, Aliens Table.


FYI: Resident Evil 7 in VR is TERRIFYING!!!


Is it good? Would you buy it without VR.


I play PS4 Skyrim, Mafia III, Farcry primal, and Fallout 4 recently. Skyrim remastered is pretty sweet and Mafia III is cool too it’s kinda like GTA and Saints row. I want to play witcher and can’t wait for the new God of War Kratos kicks ass.


Witch 3 is amazing. It is on my list to finish. I just cannot quite get around to it.


I hear ya there are never enough hours in the day. Oh how great it is when you can spend a few hours sippin some whiskey, playin some games and vapin it up… good times :thumbsup:


definitely. Creepy on its own and in VR… too much … literally felt sketch playing it until the spouse came home lol. Its not like the last two at all. it kind of has a RE4 mixed with Outlast kind of vibe. definitely a return to form for the franchise IMO


totally agreed.


You think skyrim remastered is worth the full price? I spent roughly 1600 hours on that game and loved it of course yet hesitant on getting it again. Curious about your thoughts


New to this thread so just chiming in.

Just finished Doom on XB1, also playing Forza and BF1 online :slight_smile:


Addicted to Battlefield 4, close to 3000 hours from when I switched to a PS4 from XBone360…
Trying BF1 but not a big fan…BF4 still best shooter in my opinion.


Honestly, if you think you are going to put time into it then yes it is worth it. If not then no. I would wait for it to come down in price.

Honestly the games I play most. Diablo 3, Witcher 3, ESO, and my all time game Dark Souls 3. I have put a ton of time into that one.


I bet it’s going to be Amazing… I almost wish I never played the first version just to play the remaster!


It’s not bad. I enjoy it. I platinumed the original.


I may pick up the remastered skyrim later down the road. Actually looking forward to a new elder scrolls before I’m admitted to the insane asylum. Currently playing the new tomb raider and pre ordered the new mass effect. I loved the earlier mass effect games.


Is the Doom campaign any good?


Dark Souls 3 is my main go to. My anticipation is for Mass Effect is great. I am actually really looking forward to that.