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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


I had to make a choice between buying the game, or buying new flavors :confused:. I decided to get new flavors :grinning:.
How are you liking the game? I hear it’s great.


I cant recommend it enough for any JRPG fan… they struck a balance between the fun of P4 and the grittiness of the previous iterations. very engaging. literally had to take a plug our of the PS4 to focus on work and other hobbies.
I see why it is getting so many high ratings.


I’m looking forward to getting it. I liked the grittiness of P3.
If you like Japanese weirdness in games, you might give Nier: Automata a shot. It’s pretty cool and the level design is sweet.


oh its on the list! I love Japanese oddness and cultural differences in gaming. Nier is on my list, I just had to drop every game for Persona lol


I loved the first Nier game. It was awesome.


I never got the chance to play it. By the time I heard about it, it was a few years old, and none of the b/m stores had any copies. I’ve seen screenshots and some vids of the gameplay and it looks really cool. Nier:Automata doesn’t have the blood/gore that Nier appears to have. Not sure if that’s important, but worth mentioning.


No, it is more of a stylish game now.


It definitely has that. I would even go so far to say that the level design is a bit souls-like, as far as interconnectivity, which is not a bad thing.


Never a bad thing. I haven’t played anything in weeks. I have been busy with work hobbies and helping people here.


I hear ya on that one. I put it on pause quite a bit and do other stuff.


Been watching more soccer lately.


Dude you were not lying about the difficulty of the DLC Ashes for Ariendal for DS3.


No love for the Pc gamers? Been playing some Quake champions and digging the beta so far.


Friday the 13th and Destiny 2 beta for the PS4 players!


Super pumped for Destiny 2, Splatoon 2 till that comes out. :laughing::laughing:


wait what’s Splatoon?


It’s nintendos form of a shooter. Very fun. Grab a Switch and play!!!



oh yeah the paintball game! I’ve heard good things!