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PS4 & XB1 Gamers Who Vape and Mix


Okay, so this brings me to a thought.

What is the best game with a very good story?


Good points there mister. Will see for sure in a few days on ME. I thought the best story and gameplay within the last 2-3 years was witcher 3


Damn that’s a hard one…


Mass effect series along with elder scrolls were very good too with good stories but the immersion level I got from witcher 3 was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.


hmmm. on ps4
i thought Bloodborne had a really good story, but it was my first experience playing a fromsoft game so the gameplay was a wonderful and terrible thing at the same time. Meaning, i sucked at it and had to do everything over and over because I kept dying constantly.


Lol! I found with that game and dark souls it was best I watched a better player than I. Too much frustration for my little pea brain to handle


Yea, I don’t know if the word “enjoyment” would describe my pt of bloodborne. But for some damned reason I kept playing/enduring it. Went to new game plus and quit pretty shortly after starting.


anyone here played nier: automata yet? I’ve heard it’s great


I played the first one, and have heard good stuff out of the second. Waiting on Mass Effect Andromeda first and then waiting for Styx to go down in price.


FYI Titanfall 2 is great and persona5 is getting a 9.7 on IGN also Destiny released their first trailer for Destiny 2… mix, vape and game on peeps.


Oh yea, I am def picking up P5.


It’s going to be awesome!


Currently trying to de-solder a joystick module on Elite Controller, it was a deal on ebay but the left stick has drift. I soldered a new module onto the regular controller just fine, let’s just hope I don’t break my husband’s new one. Yikes.


Whats the benefit of the module?


I am replacing the left joystick module because after heavy usage the stick will eventually start to drift in a direction on its own, without actually having your finger on the joystick. After getting two replacement controllers from Microsoft, we figured we might as well just buy the actual piece needed to fix the joystick.


It’s just the actual piece that is attached to the board by pins, and then the physical joystick sits atop it.


Persona 5 is amazing if you are in to JRPG type games.


@mrneph2, did you pick up Persona5? If so how far along are you?


Oh man, I took the Xbox One Elite Controller to an electronics shop because 4 of the solder points were just to thin for me to hit with only a 30 watt iron, and the tip I am using is rather broad, not fine tip. They destroyed the physical board, ripped off the copper contacts, and ruined our controller. I have no clue how to handle this. No clue.


yikes! that sounds terrible :frowning: