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Purilum in bed with the R. J Renolds tobacco company?


Am i reading this right ?? @Nicotine_River


does this surprise anyone ??? the tobacco companies will need a flavor supplier so why not get in bed with one of the big boys ??? smart business moves


It just saddens me. RJ renolds is working hard to shut us down so for nic river to aid in that process bothers me.


Forgive me if I missed something here, but what does nicotine river have to do with this?


I think im missing something. The only link I’ve found between Fontem and RJ Reynolds is the purchase of the Blu brand.


A lot of people think and I don’t know why, that purilum is nicotine rivers brand / house brand.

Not the first time in seeing this, but I tried to find evidence for this but can’t find proof.

I am very certain that purilum doesn’t have anything to do with NR, exception of them selling it, which doesn’t proof that it’s their brand.

But who knows lol


i see your point … but blu needs a good flavor company and if purilium is that good like the article says maybe people that buy the product should be happy that NR carries the brand …


If it gets just one person off combustibles I don’t care who owns what.


From an ELR thread, Dec 2016:

" Now where does Purilum fit into all of this? Purilum is company we have been working with very closely for a long time. They have a extremely large and sophisticated flavor house in North Carolina. You can check out a video of there business HERE

We believe that there is still a ton of gaps left in this industry when it comes to flavors and we want to bridge them to the best of our abilities. So long story short - on the website they now say “Purilum” instead of “River Flavors” because that is who manufacturers them from scratch. We have no desire to lie and say we do them in house because 1. We no longer do and 2. We want everyone to know the level professionalism that is going into these. All flavors are free of all the bad chemicals and are exclusively sold at Nicotine River :slight_smile: ’


Maybe I’m missing something here, looks like Purilum is going to make flavors for Blu ??

GREENVILLE, N.C., June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Fontem Ventures, a pioneer in electronic vapor technologies and owner of the leading e-vapor brand, blu®, and Purilum, LLC, a leading manufacturer of top quality e-juice concentrates for vaping, announced an agreement today to drive responsible innovation in the vaping space. As a preferred provider for Fontem Ventures, Purilum will deliver a wide range of flavor concentrates to the brand, as well as provide finished e-liquids for my blu™, the latest offering from blu.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and with its research & development centre in Liverpool, UK, Fontem Ventures’ purpose is to deliver an exceptional vaping experience to consumers around the world.


Unless something has changed, they don’t, and are just resellers like flv, inw, etc. Back in my ejuice business days, Purilum reached out and I sampled their line, long before I heard of NR, plus there were no ties either. I was just confused by the whole article/post and I was wondering if I missed something :slight_smile:

Carry on :rofl:


Smoky needs coffee,is not awake and yes the article is true, but they are not the only flavor company to work with RJR.

RJR pulls from a few companies and labs.


Hello, regarding the article above. Nicotine River is simply an exclusive distributor for Purilum concentrates which have existed for quite some time. We believed Purilum flavorings would work well within the e-juice industry and we are fortunate to work together now on distributing their flavors. We unfortunately cannot speak on their behalf as we are not associated with Purilum regarding their business ventures. We simply work together to benefit the industry variety and the brands we represent.

Let me know if you have other questions :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River You had me at ^^^^^.



every vape device in existence (providing it has an added flavor) will have acquire a flavor for the device make or buy is pretty much up to them.


I was under the assumption that Nic river owned purilum.


No but I believe that they are the exclusive distributor for Nth America


I really doubt it