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Purilum Tasting Notes


If you are looking for an authentic sweet rich thick cream, I recommend Real Flavors. They have the best I’ve ever tried. Get the SC one…just takes a little and bottle will last you forever.


thanks. I’ll give RF a try. I have a few of their SC flavors and 1 vg based
and I’ve been pretty pleased with them. I found RF strawberry SC to be the
best strawberry I’ve ever used.


thanks nic river for your advice. it’s nice to have companies willing to
participate in forums. yours is top notch in my book. :+1:


Glad to help!


Just ordered a boat load more Purilum flavors. And they have FA Zeppoli cant wait to try it. Let the customary stalking of UPS truck begin


What happened here… No activity for 2 months. Seems the hype has died down. Any new notes or gems to post?


ill let you know soon ill be ordering some soon since the hype of the RFSC didnt pan out maybe these will :wink:


You don’t like the RF SC’s? Any of them?

Btw, did you see they are coming out with a Cleito 2. Not that high wattage one. A remake of the original and uses the original coils. Looks pretty sharp. I know how you like your Cleito :wink:


They do have some very good flavors. Usage is similar to TFA and some FA depending on the flavor. So far I would say I really like about 70% of their flavors. In fact I got rid of quite a few CAP and TFA and now use these instead. I think the flavors themselves are more authentic than a lot of TFA/CAP/FW. I do have some all time favs of those 3 companies that I will never stop using. But I am mixing mostly with RF and PUR Now, with maybe 5-8 of each of the other brands of my favs.


i like some i bought 30 and have tested half so far and like half the other half some could be used the others were a bust but im still playing around with them i think in the end the strength will be like FA not like MF , my problem was i watched things develop for awhile and when i finally pulled the trigger i expected them to be a god send lol so my expectations were too high


thats good i was just vaping on the original the 120 was silly imo i hope the 2 is better if not the same its my fave sub ohm tank then the crown i cant wait to see the 2 ill look it up ty


ya there is no getting around using those companies which isnt a bad thing , im always hoping for things to evolve but ya i have my faves FA overall is my fave company but i have a mix of things from everyone that i like as long as it taste good thats all that matters


Thank you MysticRose this will sure help. I havent been able to get it right yet but I have been staying under 3% in blends. I too get a vanilla malt taste with the Nilla wafer milk and no wafer The condensed milk I just havent been using enough of. I only used 1.5% I will try raising it some Again Thank you for your input, i’m not a real mixer, i’m just in pursuit of the perfect buttery sugar cookie :smiley:


I’ve had similar experiences with RF SC but kept my mouth shut as to not alienate any fans. The flavors smelled good but when mixed with other vendors, the RF SC have an odd background taste and basically ruined the mix. I’ve found the fruits are weak but good, yogurt is good and plays well with others but the candy, brown sugar and bakery flaves caused part of my baldness. Lol


Yep, even if only trying one flavor profile…still makes you a real mixer. Welcome to the club :wink:

See, I think this is wrong. No matter how much someone likes or dislikes a brand or product, everyone should be able to offer their constructive opinions freely. I love a lot of RF concentrates, but there are just as many that are sooooo disappointing :frowning:

And I find that with most brands. As long as no one is bashing, I don’t feel it’s wrong to be honest. I think it’s a disservice to other mixers as well as vendors. Why lie and tell them something is good when it’s not. In the end, the product will stop selling if it’s bad, it will mess with their reputation, and they will continue selling lousy flavors vs making improvements and giving me a good flavor.

No reason anyone should become defensive. Just state that hasn’t been their experience so mixers can see everyone’s thoughts, and not just the fans or the haters.

But just my $.02


its been a 50/50 thing , i hope my feedback either helps people figure out their percentage or help them with a purchase ill add all my notes to the RfSC testing thread then when ive exhausted all options save them to the elr notes section , if i rub someone the wrong way bc im giving an honest opinion thats on them and its too bad im gonna grab some purilium flaves soon to see whats up with them as well but some day ill need to get back to mixing opposed to testing single flaves its an exhausting tedious part of diy


I have discussed this with several heavy hitters here on PM just not public. From what I’ve read, many people were loving them. My mixes using bakery flaves of RF SC had a bad enough background flavor that I had to reformulate. Im not exactly sure if it’s the flavor or the carrier that’s the culprit, however any new bakery mixes will be made without RF SC. Fruit mixes yes and in conjunction with other vendors. So a few reasons I never gave my opinions later on were not wanting to deal with backlash, everyone has different taste and not wishing to stir shit ATM. There are a few other flags that went up but I decided to pick up my toys and move on.


One kinda important finding with RF SC to me is the inconsistency of batch strength. I bought some RF sc caramel last year. Smelled very good. Used .5% to 1% in a mix and it was just fine. After a 30 days steep, I got a weird flavor. Someone I don’t remember said that at 2-2.5%, he could barely taste anything. Guess what I’m getting at here is if I make a recipe with 1% FA caramel this year and it’s fine, I can be 100% sure 1% FA caramel will be fine in the upcoming years whereas I can’t say that for RF sc. looks like many mixer friends will be getting some flavors for Xmas. :grinning:


Yes, sometimes it is easier to avoid. But some of the Purilum are irreplaceable to me, as well as RF. I have like 5-8 of each that I LOVE, like they are the best I have ever had, to my subjective tastes!! Then some I like. Then some I detest, worst thing ever. I don’t think I’ll ever just be a 1 company fan. I like my favorites from each vendor, and the variety works well for me.


I’ve had similar issues with a couple flavors. But I am going to stop talking about it only because this is the Purilum thread and I don’t want to derail it anymore than we already have…lol.