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Purilum Tasting Notes


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Purilium tastes decent enough I think but wish the flavors were a little stronger.


Very comparable strengthwise to TFA. But I don’t mind. Honestly, I haven’t found any that are good to me at lower percentages. Other than some FA, and they aren’t my favorite flavors.


4-5% SA
1-3% MIX
Very good crunchy cookie. Like a well baked sugar cookie without vanilla. This would be great for adding a crumbly layer to a mix.

Cotton Candy
5% SA
Up to 1% MIX
Typical cotton candy, could use at a low % for a sweetener. Contains EM.

Dragon fruit
4-6% SA
2-3% MIX
There’s a tropical flavor behind the dragonfruit that I can’t quite put my finger on, pineapple or coconut maybe. It would mix well with probably any tropical fruit, in cocktail mixes, and it’s really sweet and fairly strong as a standalone flavor.

Fruit circles
4.5% SA
2-3% MIX
Extremely accurate dry fruit loops flavor. Has an almost dusty after taste any higher than 4.5%.

Fruit circles with milk
4-5% SA
2-3% MIX
Same cereal flavor as fruit loops, but smoother and gives more of a full mouth feel. Slight butyric acid kick on the exhale, but not strong if it’s around 4%.

2-4% SA
Up to 2% MIX
Very strong. Slightly floral taste above 4%, would be beautiful in a mix of other melons. Very sweet.

Perfect balance of bright lemon and sweetness. Tastes like the powdered lemonade with a little extra real lemon.

Strawberry lemonade
Another amazing flavor. The strawberry is sweet and juicy and neither the strawberry or lemon overpower the other. This is just like the plain purilum lemonade but with strawberry.

Who wants flavors?!

the sweet cream , is the BA as strong as the tpa Sweet Cream or less , if you know ???


Sorry, I don’t know. I haven’t tried TPA’s. Just to compare it to the BA level of another flavor, it’s slightly less pungent than cap creamy yogurt.


I’m editing that out of my notes, looks like they aren’t carrying that flavor! Oops!


do you know if all the creams are diketone free @VapeyMama


I’m not sure… Maybe @Nicotine_River can answer that…?


im wanting to take a dive into another flavor company , thats why im asking the questions ??


Everything by Purilum is diketone free and safe to vape :slight_smile:


thank you 10char


Simply cake
Mixed at 8.5%. Light cake flavor, slightly grainy. Not a standalone flavor, should work well in mixes between 7-10%.

Cream cheese danish with toasted almonds
Mixed at 3.5%. Nice flaky danish pastry flavor, not very sweet at all at 3.5%. The cream cheese is mild and has no off/sour notes but does have just a bit of tang. Almond was mild and authentic, not artificial tasting. Would recommend using around 4-5% as a standalone, 2-4% in a mix.

Wild berry harvest
Mixed at 6%. Generic berry, somewhat syrupy/candy like/artificial. I would only use this around 2-3% in a mix as a supporting flavor to round out other berries.

Caramel coffee with sweet milk
Mixed at 3.5%. Strong! I taste the coffee up front, dark and somewhat bitter. Caramel is in the background and the milk is creamy with no sour notes. This might benefit from some sweetener or marshmallow. I recommend this around 2%.

Strawberry marshmallow cereal
Mixed at 5%. This is amazingly spot on, just a beautiful flavor!!! Slight grainy cereal with a full, rich mouth feel. With strawberry flavored cereal marshmallows ( think strawberry lucky charms). Recommended at 5-6% add a standalone. 3-5% in a mix.

Vanilla bourbon with cream
Mixed at 7%. Boozy cream with a touch of smooth dark vanilla. Would pair nicely with a stronger cream, more vanilla, caramel, nuts, butterscotch, sugar cookie, coffee. As a standalone 7% is good, in a mix I’d recommend anywhere from 2-7% depending on how forward you want the booze to be.

Strawnana smoothie
Mixed at 6%. Creamy strawberry banana is the front flavor. The yogurt is very mild and doesn’t have any unpleasant sour notes. Could benefit from another strawberry. The banana is very realistic, not too ripe. Recommend as a standalone anywhere from 5-10%, and in a mix at at least 3-4%.

Toasted coconut cheesecake
Mixed at 5%. Creamy rich cheesecake with just a slight amount of tanginess. Up front toasted coconut and a very nicely balanced graham crust with a touch of mild cinnamon after the exhale.

Melon patch
Mixed at 5%. Watermelon and honeydew are the front flavors with maybe a third (cantaloupe?) in the background. More toward candy than fresh fruit, but a great combo. Should mix well with other melons and fruits. Recommended at 4-5% as a standalone or 2-3% in a mix.

Bananascotch cream
Mixed at 5%. Strong, VERY ripe banana with an almost boozy, butterscotch cream sauce. Just on the bitter side, would benefit from a sweetener and additional creams. Recommended at 3-5% for a standalone or up to 4% in a mix.

Sour cherries and oranges
Mixed at 5%. Bright and fruity, just slightly tart. Sweet orange with a mild cherry background. Would pair well with other citruses or lemonade. Standalone recommendation is 4-6%, or in a mix 2-5%.

Strawberry swirl
Mixed at 6%. Smooth sweet candy strawberry flavor. Not overpowering and not too mild. Creamy full mouth feel. This will mix well in just about any type of strawberry recipe. Standalone recommendation 5-8%, in a mix at 2-6%.

Pineapple cake
Mixed at 5%. Slightly chemically flavor at 2 days, but it stated to fade a week later. This will benefit greatly from longer steep times. Almost earthy cooked pineapple flavor and somewhat grainy, dry cake. Could possibly make a good base for pineapple upside down cake but would need a lot of other supporting flavors. Recommended at 4-6% standalone, or 3-5% in a mix.

Strawberry rhubarb smash
Mixed at 5%. Upfront, extremely realistic rhubarb flavor. As a shake n vape the rhubarb is all I tasted. At 10 days the rhubarb has calmed down a little and the strawberry is coming through more. Recommended at 5% standalone or anywhere from 1% in a mix for a slight rhubarb taste up to 4-5% to get the strawberry to come through.

Cranberry orange
Mixed at 4%. This is my #1 favorite Purilum flavor so far!! Bright tangy cranberry sauce with orange essence. Sweet and tart and very full flavored. I recommend this at 3-4% as a standalone, or 1% and up in a mix.

Butter pecan praline ice cream
Mixed at 6%. Creamy rich ice cream, smooth deep nut flavor (not specifically pecan though) with some dark caramel notes. Standalone recommendation is 5-8%, or up to 6% in a mix.

Who wants flavors?!

To whoever is curious about Purilum I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best flavors to try out for first time users of our flavors! :slight_smile:

  1. Banana

  2. Cheesecake Graham

  3. Cookie

  4. Country Apple

  5. Lemonade

  6. Sweet Strawberry

  7. Watermelon

  8. Boysenberry & Boysenberry Preserves (These 2 just go so well together they might as well be one number!)

  9. Sweet Tobacco

  10. New York Cheesecake

Please note these are not in order from best to worst or vice versa since their popularity rapidly changes between eachother! :slight_smile:


And all the Nicotine River Flavors are Awesome
Vanilla Bacco YUM


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Wes you missed Boysenberry sauce and regular.


You’re right! How did I miss those! :scream:

I’ll make an edit right now