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Purilum Tasting Notes


They smell so good they’re in danger of being drank straight. Although I have a feeling they might not taste quite right.


im really interested in the nilla wafer cream flave ( not sure if the exact name ) has anyone tried it

Need some help with a particular flavor

It’s supposed to be a Vanilla Wafer cookies & milk. I tried a couple different %, final @ 6%. I get a very faint vanilla cookie… but, a nice light slightly sweet fresh cream. Not a SF, but a nice addition where a Cream is needed.


Same here, vanilla, dairy and very light cookie notes. Basically a decent sweetened vanilla cream with light cookie notes.

I can send it to you, i used it in several single flavor tests and wont use it again.


I just received my Purilum Strawberry Sweet like 19 minutes ago never used it before, is Purilum VG or PG based?


PG. :+1: 10char


thanks ! Have you used the Purilum Strawberry Sweet? Wondering if it’s any good.


Nope, sorry I haven’t tried that one!


That is one of our best selling flavors! Definitely a great Strawberry for almost any occasion. PG based and absolutely delicious! Let me know if you have questions


Percentage Used: 7%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a wickless single SS .8 ohm Clapton wrapped parallel with 26g SS at 19W.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 21 Days

Aroma: Medium strength strawberry candy, fresh, slightly green, with a hint of artificial strawberry.

Flavor Description: This is a very authentically flavored fresh strawberries with sugar. It doesn’t taste artificial or candy like. The strawberry is in the front of the inhale, with a strong sugar and faint strawberry exhale. It reminds me of fresh cut strawberries sweetened with sugar that you would use in strawberry shortcake. It’s delicious, but I still think I would mix this with another strawberry for more depth as I haven’t tasted one yet that doesn’t improve with layering. I’m also going to try this at a higher and a lower percentage to see what happens, I’m a curious sort. But with how dominant the sugar is at just 7%, I’m afraid it’s going to make that aspect worse.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 1/10

Pairings: Most any fruit, especially other berries, kiwi, banana, melons. Cookies, cakes, cereal, creams, custards, nuts, shortcakes, biscuits, pastries, cobblers, donuts, gummy or jelly candy.

Notes: I’m thinking SF 8-12% and blends 4-7%. PUR is similar to CAP Sweet Strawberry as the sugar is stronger and more dominant while the strawberry is more of a back note. However CAP is more artificial candy like flavor vs PUR which is more overly sweetened fresh strawberry. I would have to find a less sweet fresh strawberry flavor to mix with it to balance it in a recipe, I wouldn’t like it as the only strawberry component.


Is this a review of Purilum sweet strawberry or Purilium Ripe strawberry…


That was the sweet.

EDIT: This is the Ripe:

Percentage Used: 7%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a wickless single SS .8 ohm Clapton wrapped parallel with 26g SS at 19W.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 7 Weeks

Aroma: Strong, strawberry, slightly artificial, faint chemical.

Flavor Description: A very authentic fully ripened strawberry with a natural sweetness, it is missing body. However, it is a very realistic fresh strawberry. No hints of artificial notes or candied strawberries.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 2/10

Pairings: Most any fruit except citrus.Especially bananas, kiwis, peaches, melons. Cookies, cakes, cereal, creams, custards, shortcake, biscuits. Shakes, milk, whipped cream.

Notes: Moderate strength at this percentage, I think this would be good layered with other strawberries in blends at 4-7%. Not complex enough for a SF for my tastes.


Has anyone had any experience with Mango? (Not Golden Eye, just mango)

I keep adding and removing it from my shopping cart.


Meh. There are better mango flavors out there. FA Costarica Special is probably my favorite. HIC’s notes on it are pretty much spot on IMO.


It always comes off astringent to me, I just cannot get it to work. Is costarica special, their only mango? Looking at my bottle, it just says mango. Are they different?


I believe they do have a regular mango, maybe a few others too.


Bleh! Maybe that is why I haven’t had much luck with their mango, it’s not the Costarica Special!


Costarica Special is the same as FlavourArt’s normal Mango :slight_smile:

Just can’t put Costarica Special because then people will be confused on what it is! FlavourArt and their names :sweat_smile:


Good to know


i was going to try the unicorn milk recipe. it doesn’t really sound like my flavor of choice by the description but it’s so popular i figured it’s worth a try and if i don’t like it I’m sure i can find someone to give it to that likes that sort of thing.
my question is: when i ordered the flavors, nicotine river didn’t seem to have Capella new York cheesecake so i got the Purilum New York Cheesecake. this is going to my first time using any purilum flavor and i was wondering if i should use the same percentage and if it’s going to throw it way off? i definitely was not going to place a second order for one flavor from a different company though, especially when the recipe only calls for 0.5%. any advice?