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Pyure Stevia Clone Help?


I will be starting my ACV ratio low in my mix as I suspect it is originally included in the Pyure to help dissolve the stevia?
Not sure?
I suppose the added bonus of this ingredient is that it not only helps ‘pop’ flavours but can help in keeping coils clean, if I understand correctly?
I’m sure someone with more experience of this additive will put me right?


You could try this place. A bit pricey but the real macoy. :ok_hand:


Thanks Pattie
I have found a few stevia liquids and like this, do seem on the pricy side?
You wouldn’t think that it would be too expensive to produce either?


That’s the reason i got the sachets. Far cheaper.
Made some up, tastes nice and sweet with no after taste, no bitterness nothing but goodness. :yum:


Great idea!
I will see how I get on with the powder when it arrives?


Keep me posted chewy. :wink:


I will do!


Stevia Powder arrived this morning so off to my mixing lab I went!
Mixed a 10ml bottle up and taste tested!
This is some sweet stuff!
Here is the recipe if you want to try it out?


Exelent @Chewy. I’ve just used the powder by itself and I’m finding that it works great so I’m interested to see how you get on with the other two ingredients. :ok_hand:


Looks good
I’ve been looking around to find the purest possible, with no bulking agents
This (the Rebaudioside A purity is 98.24%) looks good, for those in the UK still looking. £5 cheaper than the same thing on Amazon.


What percentages are you using?

My thinking exactly!
Hence my intrest in the Pyure liquid drops, but as you know can’t seem to source them directly in the Uk, so next best thing? Mix my own!
It’s just a matter of getting my percentages of the ingredients bang on and hopefully good things will come of it?
The mix I’ve made tastes nice and sweet and I have added it to a Fuji apple mix so will be interested to see if it also helps the flavour?


I had a very bad experience using the Stevia powder. It has lots of fillers in it that don’t play well with heat from a coil. You have been warned :wink:


Sorry to hear that LV
This is the powder I bought

It says there is nothing else added so I will find out soon whether that’s true or not?
I’m also wondering if the apple cider Vinegar will stop that as it has been claimed that it also helps to keep the coils clean?


Oh ok. That is the good stuff. @daath uses that I believe.


I bought this - mine is 95% pure, his is 97% - his cost £15.99 for 50g, mine cost ~£7.74 (€9.99) :slight_smile: I’m hoping mine contains 5% ground goblins :smiley:


Was wondering why you hadn’t chimed in here yet :wink:


1-2drops per 15ml. But now I’ve seen your powder I’m having that. :wink:


Don’t knock the goblins!
They certainly add a little something? Lol


I was a little worried when I started to weigh the powder as my mother was due to visit!
I would have loved to have seen her face as her innocent son was bent over tiny scales surrounded by white powder! Lol


You should have seen my mother’s face when she first saw my lab. It was a Kodak moment for sure!