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Pyure Stevia Clone Help?


It certainly does raise some eyebrows! Lol
Can’t believe the amount of people quoting Breaking Bad when they pop in when I’m mixing! Lol


Yeah, that has been said a few times by friends. That’s when I grab my bag of Malic Acid Powder and ask them if they wanna do a line lol.


I will need to try that?


If you follow through with it please have a camera ready. I would love to see someone’s face after snorting a line of that stuff! Talk about a sour puss! LOL


Lars, your goblins,
I mean stevia, dissolved in PG or distilled water?


I dissolved the goblins in PG :slight_smile:


Did you find it dissolved easily in PG, I ask, as if it did you maybe able to get a higher saturation than what is in your recipe- (useful for Max VG mixes), which brings me to another thought, if it will dissolve in VG :wink:

Fuji is already quite sweet on it’s own, have you tested it solo? any liquorice / bitter aftertaste?


That’s what I hoped to hear…

Aftertaste, liquorice or bitterness?


Haven’t tried a mix yet (it’s steeping), but my guess is just sweetness, based on a drop-to-tongue-test :slight_smile:


That’s encouraging!
I’ve been wondering if the Cider vinegar added to the “Pyure” liquid is there to combat the notorious after-taste it is reported to have, It is supposed to happen with some used in cooking with savouries, even including some cake batters, but not so much with already sweet thing & fruit
(the Citric acid i’m guessing is there as preservative but already has proven uses for us)
So I think Chewy’s effort to replicate the “Pyure” formula could prove useful (& cheaper for those of us on this side of the pond) in the long run.


Vaped the apple with stevia added this morning.
I chose the Fuji apple,FA, simply because it is a great clean sweet apple flavour and I wanted to see if it made it candy like?
I added 2 drops to 10ml.(roughly 0.05%)
Well it is sweeter, candy like? No, but it is sweeter.
On the tongue when I mixed there was a faint liquorice taste at the back of the tongue.
Not unpleasant, but there all the same.
Is it here in this mix?
Hard to tell really what it is but again there is an aftertaste lingering there?
Wondering now whether I should up the ACV percentage to see it that does eliminate this problem?
Can I ask all the Pyure Stevia Liquid drop users if this is the same trait they experience?
Now, back to the mixing lab I go!

Just did a quick google search for Stevia aftertaste and this came up!

Needs more investigating?
Has anyone came across this product/ company before?


Thanks for the feedback!

Apparently the aftertaste can vary quite a lot between sources, I am more concerned about the Liquorice (can’t stand it even in tiny amounts) than the bitter, which can be masked.

This is interesting, just glanced over it, as you say definitely would need some investigating, especially the presumably Fungal origin of the product (Myco)Technology.

I notice they also mention Monkfruit Extract (Luo Han Guo) which i’ve been looking into, but not pulled the trigger on yet (the link above is to A.B. Dada’s DIY data depository, an excellent, well researched resource!
if anyone has a proven source in the UK or experience with it, please chime in)
Monkfruit apart from being VERY sweet has the additional property of adding mouthfeel.

I have some niggling concerns over the use of Apple Cider vinegar though i’m aware people have been vaping it since year dot.);
1 due to the presence of Fructose (and what that turns into at higher temps)
2 lack of filtration…

Nutrition Facts* (unscientific, lazy source- Google)
Vinegar, cider
Amount Per 100 grams
Calories 22
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Saturated fat 0 g 0%
Polyunsaturated fat 0 g
Monounsaturated fat 0 g
Trans fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 5 mg 0%
Potassium 73 mg 2%
Total Carbohydrate 0.9 g 0%
Dietary fiber 0 g 0%
Sugar 0.4 g
Protein 0 g 0%
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0% Iron 1%
Vitamin D 0% Vitamin B-6 0%
Vitamin B-12 0% Magnesium 1%

In bold are the things i’d avoid vaping, given the choice.
(most of the quantities appear smallish, but it seems to me we could get the desired effects from a purer alternative)

this ties into the concerns A.B. Dada has expressed for some time now over Flavor West’s use of Fructose, and lack of disclosure.
Blue Dot now appears to have confirmed

going to carry on investigating both stevia & monk fruit, as everyone round here knows “If you ain’t got a plan B, you ain’t got a plan”


Can understand your thoughts with regards to the ACV but went with it because it was listed in the Pyure.
Still looking into the Clear Taste product and have fired off an email to them.
There was also a very interesting article I found that removes the molecules that cause the bitter molecules?

Was totally unaware of the Flavor West issue?

Interesting regarding the monk fruit.
Is fructose not a main part of the monk fruit ?
Just that I think it plays a part in all fruits chemical make up?
Had a quick look online and the suppliers are all Chinese based and that makes it more difficult to get a good supplier without good reliable feedback from others?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Puritan (pardon the crap pun)
I’ll probably experiment exactly the same way, attempt to replicate it as exactly as possible, then see about ways to improve on it.

Will definitely check that out
![quote=“Chewy, post:53, topic:53801”]
Was totally unaware of the Flavor West issue?
Been bubbling away for a while, I knew in my gut A.B. dada was right, half didn’t want to believe it, as I like their blueberry and a few others, that’s the problem with them trying to be sneaky; It has me questioning their whole line. (& I’m diabetic, so carcinogens are not my only peeve with them :rage:)

Yes it is present in the fruit but is not what makes it 300 x stronger sweetener than sugar
that is the mogrosides “The mogrosides are separated from the fresh-pressed juice of the monk fruit that contains carbohydrate sources, fructose and glucose.”
"monk fruit contains fructose and glucose as natural sugars. But it’s the mogrosides, compounds similar to those that sweeten stevia, that make the monk fruit up to 300 times as sweet as sugar."from an article on food processing.com(-understanding monk fruit)

Despite originating in China, It seems like most of the world export supply has been cornered by a New Zealand company, Tate & Lyle cut a deal with them so we should see some stuff that hopefully bears scrutiny.
not bought yet as most of the “pure” powder i’ve seen so far is cut with inulin (a dietary fibre)…Grrrr!!, the search goes on.


Thank you!
You’ve done some great research and sharing with everyone!
I doff my cap to you!
I’m nearly not even scratching the surface but you have given me plenty of food for thought and further research!
This mixing is like peeling an onion at times! lol
I will continue to experiment with my percentages and have a look at my FW concentrates as I have pre diabetes which concerns me? Hence my search for a good sweetener!


Nah, thank you Chewy,
I’ve been putting this stuff off 'till “tomorrow” for too long, thanks for getting the ball rolling!
I received the packet this morning, (pretty fast dispatch, well impressed) could tell as soon as i squeezed the packet that it was crunchy, these are some serious long crystals, (longer, thinner than the usual menthol)

got one batch just come off the magnetic stirrer, one drop on the back of the hand sweet, no liquorice taste, or bitterness, two drops, same,
then I had a Homer Simpson moment & had a teaspoon full….D’oh!
weird though obviously extremely sweet but also salty?! something else going on that I can’t really describe maybe just the intensity of the high dose…anyway, that could come in handy.
more importantly still no liquorice or bitterness.
(will try the “Homer method” again at some point, as i’m curious, to nail what was there apart from the ultra sweet and the salty, might be @daath’s goblins)
also found another opinion, as the stirrer was doing it’s thing, so might try another batch with this formula:
"Rebaudioside-A, the main active agent in Stevia, OSV uses 5% of 60mg/ml solution, which comes out to 3mg Rebaudioside-A per 1ml liquid. You could produce the 60mg/ml solution by dissolving a gram of Rebaudioside-A in 16ml of PG and/or VG."
Original Formula Comment
P.S. did 1 batch with Citric not tried the apple cider vinegar as I forgot to get it (will go Holland & Barrett tomorrow).
Have you found any pros/cons with/without citric/acv?


Great stuff!
Your mix sounds very promising?
Have you tried it out on a coil yet?
I am sure I found a stevia product that had potassium something added?
Note to self: I really should start bookmarking my finds!
That could be the salt taste you are getting?
Ok just found it again.

  • Potassium sorbate *

I have various mixes in front of me at this moment with varying percentages of the ACV
4% being the highest
Can’t taste the vinegar at all, well not that I can detect?
Still not 100% sure why they added this to their mix?
It is not for taste so must be along the lines of a preservative?
Strangely though I have noticed that my first batch I mixed doesn’t have the pronounced liquorice back note anymore? It is there but very faint.
The bitter taste is still there and I am trying to figure out if it is as bitter as when I first mixed up?
Will have to make a fresh mix at this percentage and taste test later on.
So I am wondering whether the ACV had a part to play in this?
I will keep on with the testing this end and keep you updated on the sweetener holy grail!


Been watching this with great interest peps.
BLOODY MARVELLOUS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Pattie
Hopefully we’ll get a result one way or another?


Hello Chewy this is just a quick one to say hope to try your stevia mix after work tomorrow, finally got a couple of days off work!
Want to try side by side strength comparison with sucralose & E.M. (& well done on all the research!)